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ROV NEWS: Photo Gallery online NOW!

Posted on 21.12.2003 - 15:55 EST in WEBSITE NOTICE by admin

The Photo Gallery is now live :)

We had a poll.... Do we need a photo Gallery? 17 members out of 45 voted YES! No one voted NO and no-one voted er.... um... Not sure :)

Therefore.. we have gone for it.

Not too many images in there at the moment but...'s only been installed less than 24hrs... More photo's to be added soon!

Note: Member can add photo's, but we suggest that you create a Nested Album, in the relevant section, before uploading photos.

Please don't try and upload photos into existing albums that have nothing to do with the vehicle or Company in that section.

Any albums you create are yours, as are the photo's in it.

Any photos you add in any other album that was not created by you can be edited ot deleted by you and no-one else except admin.

Best regards James n GinaNote:
You can find a link to the Photo Gallery in links (top left of the page) or by clicking on an image/link in the scrolling random photo's box.
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