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Science & Hi Tech: MV IceBeam base for ”GHOST SHIP” science expedition

Posted on 25.05.2010 - 11:27 EDT in SCIENCE & TECH NEWS by jamesmc

MV IceBeam base for ”GHOST SHIP” science expeditionThe MMT survey ship IceBeam arrived on 9 May to the ”Ghost Ship” wreck site north of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea.
On board is a group of scientists, who in cooperation with MMT are going to conduct a major research programme using advanced ROV and multi-beam (MBES) technology. The wreck is at  a depth of 130 metres and this is considered the most advanced deep water archaelogical project ever conducted using the latest survey techniques.

The ”Ghost Ship” is a uniquely well preserved 17th century wreck. It is yet to be identified, but it is deemed by scientists to be a superb example of Dutch shipbuilding from the period when Holland dominated international trade. The main objects of the research programme:
1) To make a detailed 3D model of the wreck  using a Reson multibeam echosounder mounted on a work-class ROV
2) To penetrate the wreck with a mini-ROV (AC-CESS) mounted on a work-class ROV
3) To raise a wooden statue lying on the seabed near the wreck using a specially designed ROV ”claw” and a protective ”cage” hoisted by an A-frame
4) To film the wreck in detail with HD cameras mounted on both large ROVs

The project is filmed by Deep Sea Productions for international broadcasters, including National Geographic Television.


The Ghost Ship wreck.

The Ghost Ship wreck.
Drawing by Niklas Eriksson, Sweden's Maritime Museums


 Dutch scientists taking part in the Ghost Ship expedition

The new MMT top class Rupert RIB arriving at the wreck site with Dutch scientists taking part in the Ghost Ship expedition.
The expedition part of a documentary film for National Geographic Television and Arte.


 Test launch of the Subfighter ROV with a mini-ROV

Test launch of the Subfighter ROV with a mini-ROV for penetration of the Ghost Ship.
The Ghost Ship wreck is at a depth of 130 meters in the Baltic Sea.
Documentation and research is done with ROVs and multibeam echosounders.


More information:
Joakim Holmlund, Offshore Manager, MMT (
Malcolm Dixelius, Producer, Deep Sea Productions (
Vessel IceBeam Phone: +46 (0)31 334 47 51

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