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Survey: MMT AB awarded contracts by Centrica and Nord Stream

Posted on 12.05.2010 - 11:00 EDT in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

MMT AB awarded contracts by Centrica and Nord StreamHydrographic service company Marin Mätteknik AB (MMT) from Sweden has been awarded a framework survey contract by Centrica and a vessel and ROV contract for Nord Stream AG.


MMT has recently been awarded a framework survey contract by Centrica Energy Renewable Investments ltd, a subsidiary of Centrica plc. Centrica plc is the parent company of British Gas. The framework agreement stretches over a 2 year time period (with a 2 year extension option) and the first call of order has already been issued for seabed surveys in the Irish Sea zone a part of The Crown Estate's Round Three offshore wind project.

Centrica Energy Renewable Investments Ltd has recently been successful in The Crown Estate's Round Three offshore wind tendering process and has been awarded exclusive rights to develop the Irish Sea zone, which is located 15 kilometres off the coast of Anglesey, Wales. The 2 200km2 area provides Centrica potential to develop up to an additional 4.2 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy. It could provide enough power for over three million homes.

The survey work to map the seabed in high-resolution, has recently commenced with MMT Survey vessel Franklin. The vessel is fully equipped for both geophysical and biological mapping and will conduct all aspects of the work. The survey campaign will stretch over a 6 month long time period and will include detailed investigations of the entire 2 200 km2 area.

The following main techniques will be used during the 6 month long survey campaign:

• Multibeam echo sounder to create detailed 3D models of the seafloor
• Side scan sonar for objects detection and for surficial geology mapping
• Sub-bottom profilers to map the soil strata
• Magnetometers for detection of metallic objects
• Seabed sampling for geological and benthic analysis
• Water sampling for determination of the water quality and sediment concentrations
• Under water video cameras to map sediment types and biological features
• Laboratory work for benthic analysis will be conductedonboard the survey vessel

The results will be compiled into a high-resolution GIS database covering the complete 2 200 km² large area.

Nord Stream AG

MMT has recently been awarded a vessel and ROV contract for the Nord Stream pipeline, which is planned to be installed between Russia and Germany. The contract includes the supply of an Offshore Supply vessel as well as ROVs and personnel for the munitions clearance operations, which is planned to commence shortly.

During and after the First and Second World Wars, chemical and conventional munitions were deployed and disposed of in the Baltic Sea. In order to guarantee the safe construction and operation of the pipeline, MMT has, on the behalf of Nord Stream, carefully assessed the seabed with the aim of avoiding munitions.

Based on the results of the surveys, it was possible to avoid many sites where munitions would have impeded safe construction and operation . However, in specific locations, it is necessary to clear munitions. For safe removal Nord Stream has developed a munitions clearance plan in close cooperation with the responsible national authorities, thus benefiting from their experience with the handling of dumped munitions

MMT has chartered the vessel Edda Freya especially for this assignment. The vessel will be manned with approximately 40 field specialists for MMT, Bactec, NordStream, and Östensjö.

The demolition work will be conducted by experts from Bactec, a UK based explosive Ordnance disposal and mine action company.

MMT will be responsible for the ROV work, which will be conducted by a subAtlantic Comanche work class ROV equipped to handle underwater explosives as well as a Mohican inspection ROV equipped with multibeam echo sounder for detailed seabed mapping. The work will commence in the beginning of March and will stretch over a 75-day long time period.

Nord Stream is a 1220-kilometre-long off-shore natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea, from Vyborg, Russia to Greifswald, Germany which is to be built by Nord Stream AG.

Nord Stream is a joint project of four major companies: Gazprom, BASF/Wintershall, E.ON Ruhrgas AG and Gasunie.

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