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NorNed cable failure location identified

Posted on 29.04.2010 - 03:56 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

NorNed cable failure location identifiedTenneT has identified the failure location of the NorNed cable. The cable link has been out of operation since Friday 29 January 2010, when a fault occurred approx. 70 kilometres off the Dutch coast. A dedicated TenneT project team is working around the clock to repair the connection between Norway and the Netherlands.

The exact location of the failure has been detected in the meantime with assistance of the ship Noordhoek Singapore carrying a Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) on board. Equipped with specialist detection equipment, this ROV was able to determine the location of the cable failure to a high degree of accuracy. Repair work was started in parallel to this investigation.

TenneT has an adequate supply of reserve cables, thus reducing the amount of time needed for repairs. However, the repair process is very complex and requires specialist repair work. For example, a specialised cable-laying vessel and favourable weather conditions at sea are required in order for repairs to be carried out. Preparations are underway to send a ship to the failure location as quickly as possible. The overall repair time can be estimated as soon as more details are known.

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