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Perry Slingsby Systems launches new Universal Subsea Display (USD)

Posted on 27.04.2010 - 09:00 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Perry Slingsby Systems launches new Universal Subsea Display (USD)Perry Slingsby Systems are proud to announce the release of their new Universal Subsea Display (USD). The USD utilises PSS advanced technology in oil electronics and displays information from a wide range of sensor types. It is viewed using ROV cameras or directly by divers. The USD is housed in a robust anodised aluminium alloy housing with an integrated compensator. The unit is available with a two line display (6 digits per row) or a single line (4 digits and a minus sign). The two line display can display information from two separate inputs.

The USD readily interfaces to equipment through two subsea connectors. The first connects to a battery pack or a vehicle/tooling package with both power and communication. The second connects to the equipment to be monitored providing the interfaces for sensing and the supplies for powering the equipment sensors.

Universal Subsea DisplayThe USD uses ultra-efficient LED types, a very low power processor and sophisticated power switching regulators which, together, mean it can operate from a wide DC voltage input range, requiring very low current and equally able to operate from ROV supply or from battery. In addition, it has a software configurable sleep mode with option to wake up on sensor activity or from the light sensor on the front face.

The unit can be configured for a multitude of applications easily and quickly using the software configuration package. Options are available for pressure tolerant batteries and programming kits. A simple user interface gives access to all the options available and allows configurations to be defined and saved for future use.

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