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ROV NEWS: LBV used to aid Formal Investigation of FV Trident

Posted on 19.11.2004 - 07:26 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Cetrax Systems Ltd. of Aberdeen, Scotland aided the Marine Accident Investigation Branch of the British Government in the continued investigation of the 1974 sinking of the fishing vessel Trident. Using a LBV150S system equipped with a Tritech Micron sonar Gareth Hendricks of Cetrax was able to capture valuable data for the Formal Investigation. See sonar image below.

Below is the most recent data available to the publice from the official website

The Trident was a seine-net trawler, about 68 tons and 79' 6” length overall. She was built in Middlesborough in 1971-73 and entered service on 31 March 1973 . She was registered in Peterhead and normally fished in the Minch , the Clyde and off the Isle of Man.

She was lost without any form of warning being given while on passage from the Clyde to Peterhead at around 1600 on 3 October 1974 . The weather at the time was dull with fine drizzle. The wind was NNE force 5-6 and the sea was described as fairly rough.

Despite an extensive search in the area where she was believed to have been lost she was never found.

Seven people were on board at the time she was lost.

They were:
Robert Cordiner (36), normally the mate but acting as relief skipper.
Tom Thain (32)
Alex Ritchie (35)
George Nicol
James Tait (32)
Alex Summers (35)
Alexander Mair (30).

No bodies have been recovered.

A Formal Investigation was held in Aberdeen in June and July 1975 and a report produced on 12 Sept 1975 . The FI found that it was “probable that Trident took aboard a sea or succession of seas and foundered” but went on say “The precise causes of the casualty being unascertainable.” The Court also considered it probable that deficient stability in her design contributed to her foundering.

The wreck was identified by divers on 12 June 2001 some 12.7 miles off the coast of Caithness. She is lying with a list of 20º to starboard in 62 m of water.

In August 2001, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch carried out a more detailed examination of the wreck to confirm its identity and to see whether there was anything that would either contradict the original findings or, indeed, confirm them. The discovery of the wreck together with the examination was new and important evidence.

The re-opening of the formal investigation into the loss of the Trident was ordered by the Secretary of State on 28th March 2002.

19 November 2004


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