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AUV NEWS: Gavia AUV for Kumamoto University

Posted on 18.03.2010 - 06:00 EDT in AUV NEWS by ginamc

Gavia - The Great Northern DiverHafmynd ehf and Toyo Corporation proudly announce a recent sale of a Gavia Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to Kumamoto University of Japan to be delivered 1st quarter 2010.The Gavia selected by Kumamoto is rated to 500m and is equipped with an ADCP, side scan sonar, camera, dissolved oxygen sensor, SeaBird CTD, Wetlabs ECO puck, and customer designed payloads.

Gavia Scientific The Gavia AUV will primarily be utilized for research in studying the ecosystems, flora and fauna of the Ariake Sea, with Isahaya Bay being of special interest due its confined waters, large tidal range and variety of animal life, some of which are unique to the bay. This biodiversity makes it an ideal location for the study of the evolutionary history of the area which has been largely affected by changes in the incoming fresh water quality over the past decade
due to the development of local land.

Kumamoto University chose the Gavia AUV primarily due to the modular construction of the vehicle which allows the addition of customer developed sensors and the ability to add modules at a later date as requirements evolve. In addition, the portability of the system which allows for easy access to remote sites was a factor.

Both Hafmynd and Toyo Corporation look forward to working with Kumamoto University on their research with the Gavia project and to working with other potential AUV users in Japan and welcome Kumamoto University to the expanding Gavia users community.

For further information on the Gavia AUV please contact or visit

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