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Name change for Neptun Subsea AS

Posted on 16.03.2010 - 13:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Name change for Neptun Subsea ASNeptun Subsea AS, a 100% owned subsidiary of the IKM Group, will change its name to IKM Subsea AS in January 2010.

The IKM Group has been involved in subsea related business since 1999 through IKM Testing AS's Subsea Pre-commissioning services, the acquisition of Rovco AS (Trenching and ROV services) and IKM Ocean Design AS (Subsea Design and Engineering). Our diverse knowledge provides great synergy between the companies in the IKM Group.

IKM Subsea AS manufactures and hire work class ROVs and trenchers, including personnel. The company will have two new ROV systems prepared for deep water operations and a trenching system ready first quarter 2010. The systems include a wide range og specialised equipment and tools. With our qualified personnel we are able to offer our customers great solutions to challenges related to subsea oil and gas operations, renewable energy in offshore environments as well as other marine operations. Like its parent company, IKM Subsea AS operates in Norway and internationally.

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