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Oceanology International 2010: What are the exhibitors showing?

Posted on 08.03.2010 - 17:00 EST in EXHIBITION NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Oceanology International 2010: What are the exhibitors showing?Featured below are select previews of companies planning to exhibit new technologies, systems or services at the Oceanology International exhibition, scheduled for London ExCeL, March 9-11, 2010.


AC-CESS CO UK LTD will feature a 3000m rated ‘fly out' micro ROV - it's a "first". The micro ROV is housed on a work class (large) ROV and acts as a third eye for it. Their prototype ‘fly out' ROV and TMS (electric) will be in the spotlight on their stand. All other attempts at this technology have failed. The ‘fly out' will be a major step forward on ROV tooling and capabilities. It will be of interest to large ROV manufacturers and operators.

They will also show the AC-ROV underwater inspection system and its options. AC-ROV will be live in a water-filled demo tank. The system is used by and of interest to the subsea, oil and gas, military, police, research, tourism and nuclear sectors.


Currently ACSM has strong skilled ROV and subsea plough crews, with the back up of the senior technical staff ashore. ACSM can also provide full ROV services as requested by their clients: ROV and Techs Services for specific projects, Mob/Demob, ROV purchase consulting, ROV projects case study, etc.

They can supply both the ROV together with the skilled crews (Pilots/Techs), always following IMCA procedures and recommendations.


AK PRECISION LTD will feature a range of components they manufacture that are typically used in assembly of connectors, fibre optics and submersibles. The products exhibited have been manufactured using the latest technology, and backed up by extensive technical knowledge, by a company with traditional values and customer care. Their exhibits are used by/of use to manufacturers of products requiring bespoke component parts for the subsea market and are relevant to those attending all five conference streams - Navigation & Positioning; Hydrography/Geophysics; Marine Environment; Geotechnics; and Ocean Observation & Forecasting.

Despite a worldwide recession AK Precision has continued its investment programme in both plant and skilled staff in order to further enhance its overall service offering. The company's quality management system has also been upgraded to ISO9001:2008. Plans are in place to expand its services further in 2010.


ARC CONTROLS INC is a manufacture of diving equipment including saturation chambers, diving bells, hyperbaric rescue chambers, launch and recovery systems and other related equipment in support of the diving industry. Capable of PVHO pressure vessel construction in accordance with ASME section VIII Div. 1, NBIC, DNV and ABS standards.

The photographs, flyers, model and slide-show on their stand at Oceanology International will feature their specialization in the manufacturing and repair of surface and saturation diving systems for depths of 100 - 1,000ft (30 - 300 meters). They employee machinists, metalworkers and welders capable of working with materials ranging from the most common to the most exotic - hastoloy, zirconium, and titanium to name but a few. They will be promoting their newly achieved DNV manufacturing certification to potential international customers.

AXYS Technologies

AXYS Technologies, Inc are exhibiting the newly-improved TRIAXYSTM Directional Wave buoy. The TRIAXYSTM Directional Wave Sensor has proven itself as a reliable and accurate wave measurement device for more than 10 years. In recent months AXYS engineers have been working on improvements that have made the sensor even better. Some of these new advancements include continuous wave sampling, real-time transmission of wave data, higher motion data acquisition, and larger capacity data logging. The improved TRIAXYSTM sensor will also incorporate the WatchMan500TM controller, which is the common platform used in other AXYS monitoring products. As with all AXYS wave buoys, the TRIAXYSTM is easy to deploy and recover, has low operating costs, is user configurable and solar powered, and supports most telemetry options.

The TRIAXYSTM will be featured at the AXYS booth with data sheets, case studies, video, and photographs, along with our other marine products.

This is an important exhibit because it gives scientists the ability to more clearly understand the wave conditions in a specific region over a period of time, which will allow them to make the best decisions. The inclusion of water level, 3D currents and wave height, speed, and direction spectrum are essential details for mariners, offshore hydrocarbons and gas exploration companies, alternative energy researchers, military and national weather agencies.

This featured exhibit is used by the West Coast Wave Collaboration Project to learn about the wave energy potential in Ucluelet, a town off the West Coast of Vancouver Island in Canada. Wave, wind, and tidal current data are being collected from three buoys and analyzed against models. This data will enable local scientists to improve their understanding of the energy climate and models of the region.

Other exhibits will include: Met ocean buoys: 3 Metre, WatchKeeperTM, WatchMateTM, NOMAD. Port SentinelTM & RigSentinelTM monitoring solutions.

Environment Canada has the second largest buoy network in the world, made up of AXYS' 3m, WatchKeeperTM, and NOMAD buoys. Other customers that use met ocean buoys for monitoring meteorological and oceanographic conditions include the Brazil Navy, NOAA, British Petroleum, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, among many others. Port and rig monitoring solutions provide access to timely and meaningful information to assist decision-makers faced with planning, operations, security and safety. Customers include Puertos del Estado, Associated British Ports, and Squamish Terminals.

AXYS exhibits tie in with the Marine Environment and Ocean Observation & Forecasting conference streams at Oceanology International 2010.


C&C TECHNOLOGIES UK LIMITED will feature the latest addition to the C-Nav range of precise positioning solutions. Delivering unprecedented accuracy, the C-Nav3050 GNSS receiver has been specifically designed to meet the changing needs of users. A simple upgrading path allows customers to tailor the C-Nav3050 from a single frequency receiver to a powerful geodetic quality instrument - all in the same hardware.

C-Nav3050 is powered by the new 66 GNSS channel Sapphire circuit board making the receiver uniquely suited for real-time applications including precise positioning, offshore surveys and engineering, DP input, hydrography (exceeds highest IHO standards), coastal and military applications, marine airborne reconnaissance and survey.

Superior interference suppression (both in-band & out-band), multipath mitigation, and measurement accuracy are only a few of the sensor's technological advances. The Sapphire GNSS engine incorporates several patented innovations, delivering near optimal GPS P-code recovery with a significant signal-to-noise ratio advantage over competing technologies.

The C-Nav3050's Sapphire GNSS engine delivers more than 50% signal-to-noise ratio advantage over competing technologies. This results in improved real time positioning in the most challenging of multipath environments.

The C-Nav3050 conforms to MIL-STD-810F for low pressure, solar radiation, rain, humidity, salt-fog, sand, and dust. The unit is also IP certified to the IP67 level and complies with type approval procedures of the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC.


The Government of Canada, in collaboration with industry stakeholders is launching the Canadian Ocean Technology Sector Map.

This on-line interactive map is a single reference piece that identifies the scope of the overall ocean technology sector in Canada. It is a visual representation of the diversification of the private sector as well as the contributions of academic and research institutes, agencies and R&D performing government departments to the sector in Canada.

At stand P130, the map will be demonstrated online, along with visuals of the complete Canadian Ocean Technology Sector Map.

The Ocean Technology Sector is thriving across Canada and this new interactive map will provide both a visual reference to see what is happening where, as well as insight into the sub sectors of strength, be it Ocean Observation, Offshore Energy, Marine Transportation, Defence and Security, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Marine Recreation or Education and Training.

This featured exhibit will be of interest to those looking for an overview of Canadian strengths in Ocean Technology and also useful to those coming to the shores of Canada for the first time and seeking collaborative opportunities, partnerships etc.

This is the first Canadian map of its kind for the Ocean Technology sector.

In addition to this Government of Canada stand featuring the launch of the Canadian Ocean Technology Sector Map, there are over 35 Canadian delegates at Oceanology 2010.

Also, the Atlantic Canadian region of the Canada (Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) is strongly represented by numerous exhibitors; visitors may witness first hand many of the identified innovative companies in Canada that are on the Canadian Ocean Technology Sector Map.

Their exhibits are relevant to those attending all five of the Oceanology International conference streams: Navigation & Positioning; Hydrography/Geophysics; Marine Environment; Geotechnics and Ocean Observation & Forecasting.

Canada is proud to showcase its Ocean Technology sector/ Le Canada est fier de présenter son secteur des technologies océaniques.


COASTLINE SURVEYS LTD will launch their newly commissioned seabed CPT unit ‘C-Pen20'. The new concept in CPT operations has been designed specifically to meet the requirements for seabed soil investigation for subsea cable networks in connection with offshore renewable energy projects.

Using a standard 5cm² piezocone the system has proven capability to penetrate up to 3m below the seabed providing real-time in situ measurement of soil properties and stratigraphy. C-Pen20 has been designed to operate in conjunction with their range of high-powered vibrocoring systems from their dedicated 24m multirole survey vessel ‘MV Flat Holm'.

Developed in conjunction with GeoMarine Ltd, C-Pen20 uses a unique hydraulic drive mechanism providing up to 20kN of total thrust. Data collected by the cone is transmitted directly to an onboard computer where it is processed and interpreted by a specialist engineer. This rapid onboard interpretation helps route engineers to optimise the selection of data points resulting in optimal installation route design with considerable cost savings.

C-Pen20 is also an ideal tool for pipeline and telecoms route surveys to inform trenchability assessments and in port and harbour soil investigations for pre-dredge studies.


CYGNUS INSTRUMENTS LTD will be exhibiting their new Ultrasonic Underwater Thickness Gauge - Cygnus Dive at Oceanology International. The new Cygnus Dive rated 300m depth is designed to be worn on a diver's wrist or forearm thus freeing up a hand and making the display easy to see. With a large and versatile display, the New Cygnus Dive accommodates various viewing angles, preferences of reading colour and left/right-handed requirements. As all of Cygnus thickness gauges, the new Cygnus Dive employs the Cygnus-pioneered multiple echo technique to measure through coatings and give accurate, error-checked readings.

The New Cygnus Dive will be on display at Cygnus stand R240. The New Cygnus Dive is particularly designed for divers to conduct thickness gauging underwater. In addition to their popular Cygnus Underwater model - the diver hand-held thickness gauge, Cygnus will be offering divers a new option of Cygnus Dive thickness gauge to be worn on the wrist.

Offering innovative solutions, Cygnus Instruments is developing a revolutionary underwater thickness gauge - Cygnus Dive. The new Cygnus Dive rated to 300 msw depth is designed to be worn on either the right or left wrist or forearm of the diver, thus freeing up a hand and making the display easy to see. A large 2.8", bright colour display clearly shows measurements with big numbers in a choice of colours along with battery life and velocity of sound. The display will auto-rotate when the arm is raised enabling easy viewing by the diver and head camera. Cygnus Dive also features a rugged coiled cable connecting the probe and gauge; removable rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs; RS-485 Data connection to Top Side for viewing and logging of measurements; No O-rings or seals to replace; Multiple Echo technique to give error-checked measurements through coatings.

The new Cygnus Dive is designed for use by divers carrying out thickness gauging underwater up to 300 meter depth.

Cygnus Instruments will also be exhibiting the entire Cygnus Range of ultrasonic thickness gauges including the diver hand-held Cygnus Underwater thickness gauge rated to 300 meter depth; Cygnus ROV mountable series; Cygnus Intrinsically Safe certified to Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T6 (CSA Class 1 Group A Division 1); Cygnus 2 Hands Free particularly designed for rope access applications; New Cygnus Datalogger enabling easy logging of measurements of symmetrical structures; Cygnus 4 General Purpose featuring large LCD display and versatility; and Cygnus Heavy Duty model. In addition, the Cygnus Hatch Sure hatch cover leak detector and the CygScope R & RD industrial leak detectors will be on display.

Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauges are designed to measure the remaining metal thickness without the need to remove protective coatings. Thickness gauging forms a crucial part of ship repair & inspection and is vital in general maintenance of offshore and marine structures.

Cygnus Hatch Sure detects hatch cover leaks using ultrasound. Hatch cover leakage is one of the main sources of damage to cargo resulting in expensive insurance claims. Thus Cygnus Hatch Sure system provides a quick and effective measure of evaluating the weather tightness of hatch covers.

CygScope R and RD are used to detect and locate any leakage in steam traps, compress air, vacuum systems and bearing wear in rotating machinery. This is particularly critical in predictive maintenance.

Cygnus Instruments is dedicated to product research & development and aims to provide customers the best solutions to their needs through constantly gathering feedback and incorporating into our development plans.

Cygnus Instruments is an ISO 9001 accredited company and has a worldwide distribution network to provide sales, service and repair effectively throughout the world. They also has another division of NDT Sales offering a wide range of Non-Destructive Testing equipment of other leading NDT manufacturers.


ESRI will be launching ArcGIS 10, the latest release of ArcGIS that will be available later this year. ArcGIS 10 allows users to perform ArcGIS Desktop work more efficiently, save time on map creation and production, manage and create data more easily and provides improved access to 2D and 3D editing and design through desktop, mobile and Web clients. An important aspect for those at this conference is ArcGIS 10's ability to both visualize time-aware data and a tighter integration of imagery. Demonstrations of these important capabilities will be available in the ESRI booth.

ArcGIS 10 provides the ability to create and manage time-based data so temporal datasets can be displayed and animated as well as published and queried as map services to anyone who needs access to the data. Another feature that will be demonstrated is the tighter integration of Imagery within ArcGIS. The software provides fast, dynamic raster display of 3D data including LiDAR, a Web API to access the image services and on-the-fly processing and mosaicking.

More than simply displaying a map, GIS provides the foundation for the integration of data so users can easily manage and share information to address issues that are important to them. This workflow provides solutions for collecting, managing, producing and exploit data by leveraging geodatabase technology and providing the tools oceanographic, hydrographic and fisheries organizations need to complete their missions.

This featured exhibit is used by/of use to:Oceanographers, fisheries managers, hydrographers, environmentalists, ocean surveyors and others who manage and care for the earth's oceans.

ESRI will also be demonstrating ArcGIS Online, a central, Web-baed repository that gives immediate access to ready-to-use content that is deeply integrated with ArcGIS. You can directly connect to maps, tasks, and Web Mapping APIs published by ESRI as well as search for content published by other users and share your own maps, layers and tools. ArcGIS Online provides access to prepublished maps, an easy way to organize, find and share geographic information to collaborate with other users who share your interests. You can develop Web applications quickly by leveraging ArcGIS Online map and task services and ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs. Jump-start your GIS projects without large investments in infrastructure or staffing, since the solution is hosted by ESRI and powered by ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Data Appliance. New content is updated and added every day

Their exhibits are relevant to all five conference streams - Navigation & Positioning; Hydrography/Geophysics; Marine Environment; Geotechnics; and Ocean Observation & Forecasting

Since 1969, ESRI has been giving customers around the world the power to think and plan geographically. The market leader in GIS, ESRI software is used in more than 300,000 organizations worldwide including each of the 200 largest cities in the United States, most national governments, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. ESRI applications, running on more than one million desktops and thousands of Web and enterprise servers, provide the backbone for the world's mapping and spatial analysis. ESRI is the only vendor that provides complete technical solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms.


DEEPSEA POWER & LIGHT is proud to introduce the intensely bright, 6000-lumen LED Matrix-1 SeaLite® and 18,000-lumen LED Matrix-3 SeaLite®. Both the Matrix-1 and Matrix-3 are available now.

The Matrix-1 is equivalent in brightness to a 150W HID or 500W Halogen. The Matrix-3 is brighter than a 400w HMI at 1/3 the price. Both require less maintenance, meaning additional time and money well saved. The rugged LED Matrix SeaLites are rated for 6000m depth, have thermal protection to guard against overheating, and an estimated LED lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. The Matrix LED SeaLites are available in four output colours: white, green, blue, or red. They can operate from either high voltage DC or AC. All LED Matrix SeaLites have SCR or phase control dimming options, so you can order them tailor made for your application.

All driver circuits have additional features to protect against voltage surge, transient EMF spikes, over and under voltage, and other hazards common to marine electronics. Alternate dimming options, including RS-485, variable power line voltage, and 0-5vdc or 1-10vdc analog controlled DC driver, will follow soon.

They will particularly feature the Matrix LED SeaLite. Ever more powerful High Brightness LEDs are revolutionizing underwater lighting and DeepSea Power & Light's newest models are leading the way. These solid state light sources are ideally matched to the harsh, cold, high pressure environment of the deep ocean.

DeepSea Power & Light has illuminated the darkest corners of the ocean for over 25 years, helping manned submarines, commercial divers, robot vehicles reveal nature, harvest resources, or secure the seas. Their low power consumption translates into smaller and lighter battery packs, or greater time and range of operation.

The Matrix LED SeaLite is used by and of interest to ROVs, manned submersibles, divers, for offshore oil structures, researchers, military, government agencies, and film makers.

Their exhibits are particularly relevant the Hydrography/ Geophysics; Marine Environment; Geotechnics; and Ocean Observation & Forecasting streams of the Oceanology International conference.


The French national pavilion (Stands A300/B300/C300/ B250) organised by UBIFRANCE (the French Agency for International Business Development) will showcase the best of French marine technology.

Two French maritime clusters - Pôle Mer Bretagne (Brittany Maritime Cluster, in western France) and Pôle Mer PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Maritime Cluster, in south-eastern France) - will also be part of the French Pavilion. The Brittany Maritime Cluster has recently entered into a partnership agreement with the port-city of Southampton, in southern England.

As well as the PACA and Brittany clusters, a wide range of companies will be participating in the French Pavilion. ACSA Underwater GPS is an expert in underwater tracking as well as in marine and underwater robotics, while BMTI specialises in the manufacturing of composite materials and radio-communication materials. CADDEN supplies high-tech measuring systems for positioning, orientation and navigation.

The CESIGMA research centre specialises in the processing of data, signals and images. CORRODYS CRITT is a centre of expertise in marine and bacterial corrosion, while the ENSIETA Engineering College trains students in the design and production of complex industrial systems, whether electronic, IT-based, mechanical or pyrotechnic.

ECO-LINE distributes underwater equipment, whereas FLODIM develops measuring equipment for underwater cavities - the technology being suited to liquid (Sonar), air (Laser-Image), or gas (Sonar-gas) environments.

At Oceanology 2010, the IFREMER marine research institute will present both its ongoing research work and its projects under development. IFREMER is currently looking for industrial partners to develop its research programme, and has recently been working with NKE, an R&D and production company specialising in geographic instrumentation.

Other companies on the French Pavilion will include IN VIVO ENVIRONNEMENT, which carries out research in environmental issues and oceanography, and KLEY France, which develops machines for offshore engineering, shipbuilding and oceanography. LAPP MULLER specialises in the bespoke design of cables and systems, as well as in the manufacturing of specialist cables, and METEOSTRATEGY SARL focuses on meteorology and oceanography.

OSEAN is a specialist in the study and production of scientific and military underwater electronic systems, as well as underwater lighting and vision systems. Also present will be SARL TECHNICAP, a manufacturer of equipment for use in oceanography, and SBG SYSTEMS SAS, which designs orientation and navigation panels.

SIG manufactures seismic reflexion equipment, and SUBSEA TECH specialises in the design and production of instrumentation and intervention systems for marine and underwater areas. Finally, PROVENCE PROMOTION is the regional development agency for the Bouches du Rhône département of southern France, and VAR ACCUEIL INVESTISSEURS is the economic development agency for the Var département of southern France.

UBIFRANCE is the French Agency for International Business Development, and is part of France's export-support framework. As the partner of reference for French companies wishing to export, UBIFRANCE offers a complete range of services based on the provision of information on export markets, legal issues and regulations, as well as international finance and tenders, while also supplying sectorial data. In addition, UBIFRANCE offers export advice and targeted support to companies' commercial activities, such as exploratory visits, partnership meetings, foreign exhibitions and international press communication. Finally, UBIFRANCE runs the International Postgraduate Programme (VIE) for employing qualified personnel and young graduates outside France.


The Fugro Group delivers integrated solutions to support every stage of its clients' operations. At Oceanology International, Fugro will feature the integration of services for three of the client sectors they serve - oil and gas; renewable energy and maritime (including UNCLOS and Law of the Sea), with presentations on the stand to feature new Fugro technologies and services.

The new technologies presented will include:
• Two new positioning products
   · G2 - first real-time GLONASS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) service ever to be launched.
   · Starfix NG - the new generation of Fugro's state-of-the-art survey software suite
• The new SEAWATCH Midi Buoy
• DeepWorks a fully integrated subsea engineering simulation and visualisation software toolset from Fugro GRL (Fugro acquired General Robotics Ltd in September 2009)
• Real-time measurement and forecast data directly linked into the Fugro GEOS Helideck Monitoring system
• The integrated services, including their geotechnical specialism, that Fugro brings to the rapidly expanding offshore wind sector

Fugro will also be playing an active role in the Oceanology International 2010 conference, with four speakers.

• Geotechnics: Keynote Address - Advances in reducing shallow geological risk to offshore projects from near shore to ultra deep water by Pat Power
• Hydrography/Geophysics: The expanding world of AUVs - smart tools, smart solutions by Eric Robertson
• Navigation & Positioning: Advantages of combined GPS and GLONASS PPP by Berit Plassbak and Live Data Dissemination by Fugro Remote Services technology by Mike Liddell
• Ocean Observation: Solition Early Warning Systems by Martin Goff

Fugro will also play an active role on Oceanology International Careers Day (11 March), with one of their young professionals speaking in the Careers Day welcome session sponsored by IMCA; and young employees on the stand eager to share their experiences of working for Fugro with visiting graduates and post-graduates. Throughout the show ‘Recruitment Online' will be a feature of the Fugro stand - not only can visitors search for vacancies but they can also fill in their online CV. There will be a prize draw for all who make use of the online service.


GEO PLUS of Scheemda in Holland is eager to stress their expertise in Russia. They
have just finished an important job in the Northern parts of Russia, providing hydrographic services for laying pipelines (LNG) under very difficult circumstances. This is demonstrated in a series of photographs available on request.

• Photo 1383: The Geo Plus Solution ship surveying in the Baydaratskaya Bay.
• Photo 1415: The Geo Solution is positioning in cradles on deck of the Van Oord ship "Utrecht".
• Photo 2009 021: After the long journey to Russia the Geo Solution is launched in the Baydaratskaya Bay, North Russia.


GISMA STECKVERBINDER GmbH will focus on what they see as the current important topics: Their new 4-way pressure balanced wet mateable fibre optic connector will be exhibited. A 12kV wet mateable power connector is being developed at the moment.

GISMA is a manufacturer of high performance underwater connectors (electrical and fibre optic) for marine applications. The quality of the products is in the focus of all developments. The available designs are well proven.


GILL INSTRUMENTS are launching their next generation Combined Weather Station, the MetPak II. Based on the popular MetPak, it has new, improved features for monitoring and measuring weather parameters, and naturally is used for weather monitoring/forecasting.

The MetPak II is a compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures a wide range of weather parameters. Gill ultrasonic technology, as used in the proven WindSonic instrument, measures wind speed and direction. Temperature and humidity are measured using industry standard probes housed in a naturally aspirated radiation shield. Barometric pressure is measured within a vented enclosure. A serial data output is provided to interface to industry standard data loggers.

The MetPak II has no moving parts so requires little maintenance, has a robust, proven design and is very easy to install.

Other exhibits will include the Windsonic Wind Sensor, WindObserver range of Anemometers, WinMaster & WindMaster Pro Ultrasonic Anemometer. These are used for many different marine and land-based applications, such as providing wind data to ships, harbours, ports, oil platforms, and bridges. A variant of the WindObserver is used by the US Navy.

Their exhibits are of particular interest to those attending the Ocean Observation & Forecasting conference stream at Oceanology International.

Gill Instruments are the world leaders in ultrasonic meteorological sensors with more than 20 years experience in the field.


G.O.S.S. CONSULTANTS LTD are currently going through the ISO9001:2008 certification process for their Quality Management System. They see this as an important step in the development of GOSS as a supplier of skilled personnel to their clients. The process will assist them in developing the steps required to improve the services they provide. GOSS has also applied for Registration with Achilles JQS as an approved Supplier to their Scandinavian clients.


The 'ocean observation pavilion' brings together the European Environment Agency (who have taken on the role of coordinating all in-situ observations in Europe) and Microsoft (who have launched ‘Eye on Earth'). The EEA/Microsoft will use Oceanology for the ‘launch' of Eye on Earth as a tool for delivering ocean/marine information.

This EEA/Eye on Earth part of the GOOS/Ocean Observation Pavilion will comprise three parts which correspond to the three 'scales' of the exhibit, ie global, regional and local. The first is a display of global Sea Surface temperature data within Eye on Earth demonstrating what is derived from satellite remote sensing.

The second is an Eye on Earth ‘story board' describing the GMES Marine Core Services. The third is an example of delivery of a specific user product (in this case a product delivered to the general public which shows the water quality at each enquirer's favourite bathing spot and provides information on what other beachgoers think and what the beach look like. The European Environment Agency (EEA) and Microsoft environmental information portal 'Eye on Earth' shows not only the latest information on water quality but also user ratings and comments, pictures and live webcam streaming. Information on this Water Watch application developed by the EEA and Microsoft is at and you can set up and test the application at Oceanology International will see the launch of services of use to the marine science and ocean technology community.


H2OFFSHORE is a company owned and managed by qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of ship and marine operation management connected to the offshore industry. They offer to our Clients a wide range of high level and complete management services and turnkey solutions in the offshore field.

Their services includes:
• Ships management (Offshore Support Vessels)
• Marine operations management and turnkey solutions for offshore projects


IDRONAUT S.r.l. will be featuring their Ocean Seven 320Plus WOCE-CTD with redundant sensor capability The Ocean Seven 320Plus WOCE-CTD multiparameter probe with 24-bit resolution, is the result of Idronaut's 25 years experience, in the design and manufacturing of high quality fast response CTDs. The Ocean Seven 320Plus CTD well meets the WOCE programme accuracy, precision and resolution specifications.

They think their Ocean Seven 320Plus WOCE-CTD is particularly special because it is an innovative instrument. In fact, the modular electronic design and probe mounting system, allow the installation of an additional redundant conductivity and temperature (CT) sensor pair, without the need for underwater connectors. The CT redundant sensors permit the gathering of extremely precise data, with a verifiable data quality. The small size of the sensors and "contained" measurement field, allow the calibration of the CT pairs to be verified, with just two ampoules of standard seawater. The Ocean Seven 320Plus WOCE-CTD, because of an innovative 24-bit high-speed CT digitizer circuit, provides 40 Hz sampling rate. Furthermore, the highly precise pressure transducer enhances the pressure sensor accuracy/precision to 0.01 % Full Scale (FS). The Ocean Seven 320Plus WOCE-CTD multiparameter probe can accommodate up to sixteen 16-bit sensor analogue inputs, which can be added at any time , making this Idronaut probe an investment for the future.

This featured exhibit is of use to: scientists, oceanographers, limnologists and any other technicians in the field of water measurements.

Other exhibits will include: Ocean Seven 315 On-Line Module; Ocean Seven 303, 304, 305, 316Plus CTD multiparameter probes; and IDRONAUT µREDAS-5 Data Acquisition Software running on Windows mobile rugged PDA. They are used by/of use to: scientists, oceanographers, limnologists and any other technicians in the field of water measurements.

Their exhibits are of particular interest to those attending the Hydrography/ Geophysics; Marine Environment; Geotechnics;and Ocean Observation & Forecasting streams of the conference.

Idronaut produces very fast and accurate C, T, D, O2, pH sensors, which are installed in compact miniaturized CTDs used to carry out investigation in marine and fresh water environments. Idronaut develops programmes to interface and post-process CTD data for any kind of Windows hardware platforms from workstation to rugged PDA.


IMarEST - the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology will, in addition to full information on the advantages of membership of this global organisation and on events in its busy calendar, have a number of special offers available on their stand at Oceanology International.

• Marine Partners offers: organisations signing up to become one of IMarEST's Marine Partners will receive a web banner advert for one month worth £1800 completely free of charge
• Publication offers: Marine Scientist - 50% discount on subscription for one year (and students can obtain a year's subscription for just £15)
• Proceedings offers: Any proceedings purchased during OI will be eligible for a 10% discount
• Student Membership offers: £12.00 for one year's membership subscription, and £30 for three years. Additionally, any student that attends the IMarEST careers/membership workshop, sponsored by Castrol Marine, on 11th March will be entered into a draw to win an IPOD.

IMCA - International Marine Contractors Association

With over 650 member companies in over 50 countries actively involved in all aspects of offshore, marine and underwater engineering IMCA will be taking an active role at Oceanology International. It will hold one of its regular Europe & Africa Section meetings as well as a workshop on Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Umbilical and Handling Systems. And plays a key role as sponsor of Oceanology International's Careers Day.

"OI is a huge attraction to people from the more scientific end of all the offshore industries," says Chief Executive Hugh Williams, looking forward to Careers Day. "It is a great show case for students and graduates where so many varied stands can be seen in the exhibition hall, a variety of conference papers can be taken in and a huge number of industry personnel are on hand to discuss the opportunities available. The event attracts students from almost any technical background: engineers, oceanographers, mathematicians, IT specialists, chemists, naval architects etc.

"For the careers day itself, there will be a room set aside for the students to hear presentations specifically addressed to them and pick up careers material. The stand holders will be able to reinforce their event personnel on that day with HR specialists. Though our industry has been hit with every other one around the world in the credit crunch over the last 18 months, there remains the need to continue to invest in new people. This is imperative in any industry and all the more important in ours as we were in a skills shortage before the crunch came and when the industry picks up again that shortage is likely to manifest itself again."

On their stand they will feature guidance from across their four divisions - Diving, Marine, Offshore Survey, and Remote Systems & ROVs as well as from their core divisions - Competence and Training, and Safety, Environment & Legislation. Their newly launched electronic version of the Common Marine Inspection Document e-CMID will be featured. The e-CMID along with a secure online database for reports
are designed to further enhance the consistent completion and availability of completed CMID reports. They are entirely free of charge to users, whether or not they are IMCA members.

"Oceanology International is a "must" our calendar as every day we meet so many members and potential members, as well as engage in conversations about our role in the industry."


INFIELD, the independent energy data analysts for the oil and gas industry will be highlighting - and demonstrating - the industry's first online global mapping information database service, the ‘Infield Offshore EnergyGateway', which has been developed using ESRI's ArcGIS Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. The new GIS provides real-time data on existing and future offshore oil and gas field development activity taking place all over the World.

The online GIS mapping and data system enables Infield to offer its clients a geographic view of critical data, such as existing and future oil and gas fields, current operator and field ownership, pipelines, fixed platforms and floating production systems, bathymetry (water depth), offshore liquefied natural gas terminals, major ports etc. With over 1 million data points of reference on the World's coastline alone, the Offshore EnergyGateway gives unique insight to each operator's current and future operations, which is valuable information for operators, contractors, subsea contractors within the oil and gas sector, as well as the financial community.

Having successfully piloted the mapping system with ESRI's ArcView software, Infield joined the ESRI Developer Network (EDN) which gave it access to an ArcGIS Server deployment license and additional developer training and support from ESRI (UK). On completion of the new mapping system, Infield purchased ESRI's ArcGIS Server enabling it to go-live with the Offshore EnergyGateway. Through this, it can now offer its clients customised access to an easy to use, web based mapping system with multiple and sophisticated layers of industry specific information.

Through the EnergyGateway System, Infield can also offer its clients printed maps of specific worldwide regions marked with specific points of reference. Future plans for the system include the solution to allow its clients to import their own data onto the existing GIS mapping system, this function will be previewed at the Oceanology event in March.

A further example of the diverse applications for the EnergyGateway is that it was used as part of the due-diligence work for one of the biggest corporate acquisitions in the history of the offshore oil and gas oilfield services industry.


IXSEA will show its knowledge of underwater positioning systems and solutions. Having used its own funds to develop a portfolio of ultra-innovative technologies protected by key patents, IXSEA now enjoys a significant technological lead over its competitors and this enables it to implement a long-term strategy for growth and value-added.

Their systems are used for underwater vehicle positioning and are of particular interest to those attending the Navigation & Positioning, Hydrography/Geophysics, and Marine Environment conference streams at Oceanology International.

IXSEA designs, manufactures and markets inertial and acoustic navigation and positioning systems for underwater vehicles, along with a complete range of seabed imaging products. Thanks to its unique technology, IXSEA is today the global leader in high-performance inertial navigation units using Fibre Optic Gyroscopes.

INTERMOOR (previously Trident Offshore)

INTERMOOR (previously Trident Offshore) launches the MOBI system (Mobile Offshore Bathy and Imaging). It is InterMoor's answer to near-platform or near-rig seabed surveys. The system is based on an interferometric side scan sonar mounted on a microROV. Three times smaller than any ROV survey system in use today, it can be hand carried, mobbed without welding, launched and recovered by hand, and operated by a crew of two. This massively reduces cost of small area seabed surveys.

To minimise size and weight of the survey system, InterMoor is the first to combine several state of the art technologies. The system was designed to fit on a MicroROV, an Outland 1000. A SwathPlus interferometric sonar co-registers side scan imagery and bathy in a form factor the size of a hard drive. This is the first use of such a system on an ROV. InterMoor is the first to use the latest MEMS technology by CDL to correct for attitude and heading. The AHRS is the size of a few matchboxes. A USBL transducer is mated to an AHRS so that the system can be pre-calibrated. The the transducer does not need to be rigidly fixed (welded) offshore.

The system is of use to: oil and gas operators, requiring near platform seabed inspections or jack-up drilling rig operations support.

Other exhibits will include: InterMoor rig positioning and AHV management systems and services, survey services, construction support and mooring services. They are used by/of use to: operators, drilling rig and barge operators, IRM contractors

Their exhibits are of particular interest to those attending the Navigation & Positioning, and Hydrography/Geophysics conference streams.

Last year Trident Offshore renamed to InterMoor, after merging with InterMoor and IMS, creating the worlds largest full service mooring company, offering the most integrated rig-moving services available in the market today.


KONGSBERG MARITIME is preparing to demonstrate the latest developments in its broad portfolio of hydrographic, camera, AUV and positioning solutions for marine science and survey applications at Oceanology International. In addition to a selection of cutting-edge technology solutions on its stand (E600), Kongsberg Maritime will, in combination with MMT, perform live on-water demonstrations aboard the 16m survey vessel, Seabeam.

Kongsberg Maritime will exhibit a broad portfolio of new and upgraded multibeam and sonar systems. Highlights include the new EM 2040, which as the world's only true wide band high resolution multibeam, is designed to meet all requirements for shallow water mapping and survey inspection.

New imaging sonar products include the 1171 series of Kongsberg Mesotech scanning sonar heads, offered in multi-frequency obstacle avoidance imaging and ultra high scan profiling configurations. GeoAcoustics a Kongsberg Company will present its latest generation of survey quality dual frequency side scan sonar systems as well as sub-bottom profilers with versatile mounting and application options. GeoSwath Plus, which is available for Kongsberg's Remus AUVs in addition to other manufacturers' AUVs, will also be shown in its latest compact version for portable small boat operations.

Kongsberg Seatex, the specialist position reference and satellite positioning division of Kongsberg Maritime will present the 5th generation of its Motion Reference Unit. The MRU 5+ builds on the already cutting-edge technology employed in previous MRU generations and takes roll, pitch and heave measurements closer to perfection than ever before, with documented roll and pitch accuracy of 0.01° RMS. Kongsberg Seatex will also exhibit the new position, attitude and heading sensor, Seapath 330+, which is designed specifically for the hydrographic market and other high precision applications where heading, position, roll, pitch, heave and timing are critical measurements. By combining GPS/GLONASS and inertial data, Seapath 330+ provides robust integrity monitoring and more precise operation, particularly in highly obstructed environments.

Kongsberg Maritime's Camera Group will be showing its latest high performance underwater camera and lighting products, including: the upgraded OE14-502 HDTV camera with direct HDSDI connectivity, the latest OE13-124 BIT low-light navigation camera, the new OE10-102 Pan & Tilt and OE10-103 Rotator units and a number of new general purpose halogen and LED lamps.

Visitors to Oceanology can book demonstrations aboard Seabeam throughout the duration of the exhibition.


L-3 ELAC NAUTIK will be featuring: New multibeam echo sounder family SeaBeam 3000: The SB 3000 multibeam family is fully real time motion-compensated to guarantee full coverage even under severe environmental conditions. The implemented swept beam technology is superior to any other real time compensation technology on the market. The new multibeam echo sounders offer full band width and therefore high resolution data at real-time compensation.

New software: The HydroStar WCI Viewer is a powerful visualization package for water column imaging (WCI) or stave RAW data. The software extends the functionality of the latest SeaBeam 3100 and SeaBeam 3000 multibeam echo sounder families (SB 3050 / SB 3030 and SB 3020 / SB 3012) from seabed mapping to water column exploration.

Ice Proof multibeam systems: L-3 ELAC Nautik´s SeaBeam 3020 ICEBREAKER multibeam echo sounder collects bathymetric and side scan data and offers a depth performance of 8.000 m with a maximum seafloor coverage of 11.000 m. The system is fully real-time motion compensated to guarantee no gaps during survey even under extreme environmental conditions. The implemented swept beam technology is superior to any other realtime compensation technology on the market. The ice protected design and the possibility to install the array beside the keel makes the system the ideal solution for all ships with ice class.

New Application of a multibeam echo sounder system for use in Anti-Submarine Warfare: For detecting submarines on surveillance missions in the littoral environment using a combination of conventional ASW sonar with a multibeam system. Submarines lying at the bottom or hovering in the water column can be detected by means of a multibeam echo sounder using water column imaging (WCI) and side scan technology. Once the submarine recognizes that it is has been detected by the multibeam sonar, it will be forced to stop its mission and escape from the operational area, allowing it to be more easily detected by ASW sonar based on its Doppler shift, which is not impacted by reverberation.

L-3 ELAC Nautik will exhibit its latest innovations and prove that the company not only comes up with sophisticated new developments, but also finds new fields and possibilities for its well known technologies and systems.

L-3 ELAC Nautik's product folio includes sonar systems, echo sounders as well as systems for underwater communication and data link units for military and civil application. For hydrographic survey operations L-3 ELAC Nautik develops and manufactures state-of-the-art units and systems for precise charting of water bottom topography for customers in the field of hydrography, for survey of harbors, rivers and lakes as well as for oceanography, marine geology and marine biology.

Their exhibits are relevant to the Navigation & Positioning; Hydrography/Geophysics; and Geotechnics sessions.


LIGHTHOUSE R & D ENTERPRISES, INC is exhibiting information on their new 4000meter capable seabed observatory that utilizes 345KM of Fiber Optic Cable.

The system's new depth capability; fiber-optic cable providing power & bandwidth to system sensors allowing 24/7 operations; and measurements taken throughout the water column all serve to make the system newsworthy. There are two systems located in the Gulf of Oman/Arabian Sea.

Their exhibits will include the system's monitoring capabilities for environmental conditions such as oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, currents (speed & direction), pressure, salinity, and temperature as well as seismic and tsunami activity, and are of interest to those attending the Marine Environment and Ocean Observation & Forecasting conference streams at Oceanology International.

Lighthouse R & D Enterprises, Inc is a research and development company that specializes in systems integration and offers clients a turnkey solution to marine/ocean observing systems. Lighthouse designs, builds, tests, installs, operates and maintains the next generation of marine observatories.


LIQUID ROBOTICS INC will feature the European debut of the Wave Glider, a unique and innovative unmanned maritime vehicle (UMV). By harvesting abundant natural energy Wave Gliders provide a persistent ocean presence to commercial scientific and military users. With a demonstrated one-year endurance, Wave Glider is well suited for physical oceanography, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance and many other missions.

Liquid Robotics will have a Wave Glider vehicle on display at their stand (N500) and video of the vehicle at sea will be on screen. Technical details and knowledgeable staff will be available throughout the exhibition period.

The Wave Glider is the only product of its kind. By relying exclusively on wave energy for propulsion and solar energy for payloads the Wave Glider provides a truly persistent ocean presence. With the ability to deploy most oceanographic sensors and instruments the Wave Glider offers an entirely new way to observe and understand the ocean environment. With real-time command and control and accurate positioning the Wave Glider also brings higher fidelity to data collection for all manner of marine operations. Wave Gliders have demonstrated a full one-year deployment on station as well as long distance ocean voyages, even through severe storms.

Wave Gliders are of value to all ocean observing communities including: science, commercial industry and defence. They are particularly relevant to those attending the Navigation & Positioning, Hydrography/Geophysics, Marine Environment and Ocean Observation & Forecasting conference streams.


LYNN will be focusing on LYYN real-time video enhancement products and on video samples and customer cases. LYYN is the world leader in real-time video enhancement for the subsea industry. Their products are sold stand-alone or as integrated accessories in all major ROV manufacturers' product portfolios. With more than 600 units sold in 47 countries they are setting a new standard for underwater video.

Their featured exhibit is used by/of use to anyone working with professional underwater video, especially for inspection or scientific purposes.

They urge those interested in keeping up to date to visit their web site for the latest news updates. "There is a lot going on right now and we will be filling it with the latest news as soon as we can go public with it," they say.


NORTHERN DIVER INT LTD will highlight the new and improved Thor Rubber Drysuits; the Recovery Vest; and the Hotwater Suit.

Their Rubber suits are CE approved and have BSEN 14225 approval. This is a highly regarded quality award. The suits feature a huge range of options, and suit protection and are available in an impressive range of standard sizes,

The Hotwater Suit has unique new technology to give 20 percent better flow rate and is much more comfortable to wear than similar suits. Efficiency and comfort are vastly superior and key elements in the design.

The Recovery Vest now has bigger sizes for a full spectrum of fitting larger divers. Sat bag (Saturation tool bag) and hammer loops are available as standard. There are also two options for fitting the cylinder, one is a lace up bag and the other is as a cylinder backpack.

Other exhibits will include: A choice of drysuits, thermal under garments, wet and drygloves, harnesses, contaminated water drysuits (hazmat suits) and bags. They also provide a large range of military products which you will be able to view on screen on the stand.

Their equipment is used by the entire professional diving industry (civil and military) and their exhibits are of particular interest to those attending the Marine Environment and Ocean Observation & Forecasting streams of the Oceanology International conference.

Northern Diver is the Tier 1 supplier to the UK Ministry of Defence, UK Search and Rescue teams, the commercial diving industry and the open water sport diving market. With four decades of manufacturing for the diving market Northern Diver is the most experienced manufacturer in the UK and is trusted by an impressive number of businesses and organisations in multiple countries around the world.


PANOLIN will be exhibiting a new range of High Performance Environmentally Considerate Lubricants which have been registered for use offshore. These oils have been developed to meet the increasingly severe requirements under the OSPAR agreement and can be used in Marine Conservation Zones and/or SSSIs. Their ATLANTIS range of oils will come under the spotlight at Oceanology International via photographs of applications plus numerous case studies

They explain: "Oceanology is a special exhibition to us because the targeted audience are all potential customers who will, in the near future, be affected by the need to reduce the environmental impact of their offshore activities."

Their featured exhibit is used by/of use to ROV operators, offshore gas/oil production, marine dredging, and wind farm construction companies and are of particular interest to those attending the Marine Environment conference stream at Oceanology International.


PLANET OCEAN will be showing instruments and systems from their partners that have been unable to attend Oceanology International as well as those that have their own presence at the show along with some of their in-house systems:- DSPComm Acoustic modems including the latest development of their AQUAComm system, Elkins Oceanic swivels, and push corers, Fluid Imaging's "FlowCAM" Imaging flow cytometer, and the XEOS submersible Iridium satellite beacons and their new range of surface and sub surface flashing & RF beacons.

Visitors will be able to discuss their comprehensive range of data buoy hulls from 1.25 through to the ODAS 3.0m diameter system, along with our own standard payloads, TURBIBUOY for turbidity/dredge monitoring and the METBUOY meteorological buoy payload for cost effective gathering of background field data in support of general survey operations.

The majority of our technology partners from around the world will be present at Oi10. On stand A-350 will be ASL Environmental Sciences with their new 3 channel Acoustic Water Column Profiler, AXYS Technologies will be on hand at D-10 to discuss your directional wave buoy and metocean data buoy requirements and In the Atlantic Canada pavilion F-300 you will find Satlantic who will be pleased to discuss their newest SUNA nitrate sensor, radiance and irradiance sensors and LOBO Biogeochemcial observation system. Star-Oddi are making the shorter trip from Iceland to stand K-155with their ever expanding range of miniature data loggers. Our newest partners WET Labs, can be found on stand C-120 and will be exhibiting their range of extremely high quality fluorometers, spectrometers, turbidity and backscatter sensors, loggers and systems and their latest system the exciting CYCLE PO4, phosphate system.

RADAC b.v.

RADAC b.v. will feature the Wave Directional System. The system is based on four standard WaveGuide Radars. The information that will be available is water level, tide, wave height and wave period from each WaveGuide Radar; and wave direction from the array of radars

During Oceanology International there will be a live internet connection with the Wave Directional System at the "Prinses Amalia Windpark", 23 km offshore IJmuiden, the Netherlands.

The WaveGuide Radar is well proven technology and the information on tides and wave heights are accepted in the oceanographic community. Wave directional information is being used more and more in all oceanographic activities. The observation of wave directions by means of an array of wave height sensors is well investigated from a scientific viewpoint but hardly applied in practice. Their featured exhibit is used by/of use to oil companies, wind parks owners, harbour authorities, coastal defence (governmental organisations).

Other exhibits will include: water level, tide, wave height and wave period from the standard WaveGuide System; WaveGuide on board version (with heave compensation); and remote service facility via GPRS/UMTS. These are used by/of use to oil companies, wind parks owners, harbour authorities, coast defence (governmental organisations) and shipowners and service engineers.

Their exhibits will be of particular interest to those attending the Marine Environment and Ocean Observation & Forecasting streams of the Oceanology International conference.


RBR LTD will give a preview of their MLM-1000 mooring line modem. It is designed to allow communication with up to 32 instruments over a range of up to 1000 metres by means of a single jacketed steel mooring cable. Transmission speeds of up to 4800 baud will be feasible.

Transmission is half-duplex, and message modes include: system broadcast, group wide or individual addressing to open a transparent link to each instrument in turn. Additional features include internal error checking, integral real time clock, memory buffer and power saving.

The MLM-1000 will be packaged to be compatible with existing XR series loggers from RBR. An OEM version will also be available for connection with 3rd party equipment. By using the transparent link mode, the 3rd party host software can be used to maximise the functionality.

RBR design and manufacture high precision data loggers, submersible to 10,500m. They feature high accuracy with low power consumption and flexible channel choices in small lightweight packages. RBR instrumentation can incorporate sensors for CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) and many other physical, biological and chemical parameters. In turn, indirect derivation of salinity, speed of sound and total suspended solids can be made. Applications include Oceanography, Limnology, Cryosphere, Hydrography, Aquaculture and Environmental monitoring.

RBR is based in Ottawa, Canada and has a subsidiary sales office near Oxford in the UK.


SAAB SEAEYE LTD will be launching the new Panther XT Plus a 1600m rated ROV with 10 SM7 thrusters giving very high power and the ability to carry Shilling Orion manipulators. They are also launching the Cougar XTi, a 3000m rated version of the very popular Cougar XT. This has the new control system giving superior diagnostics, reliability and performance.

All Saab Seaeye's ROVs will be featured on the stand. These have a wide variety of subsea applications and are used in the oil and gas, defence, scientific, environmental and private markets. They are relevant to those attending all five streams of the Oceanology International conference - Navigation & Positioning; Hydrography/Geophysics; Marine Environment; Geotechnics; and Ocean Observation & Forecasting

Saab Seaeye is the world's leading supplier of electric ROVs.


SEABED B.V. is launching the DSL/WMU system. This is a highly accurate stand-alone attitude system capable of position, inclination, orientation, pitch, roll and heading of any large object with realtime 3D visualization. Data of the object is sent to the operator through a WiFi connection.

Seabed B.V will also launch the newest products in the field of high end GNSS positioning and will exhibit a light weight GNSS system. This system is used for surveying purposes, land measurement and crane positioning.

Seabed is a total system integrator. By combining various instruments to one total solution they can offer the client a compact custom-made solution for any application. They look forward to demonstrating this capability on their stand

The strength of this exhibition lies in the diversity. Companies all over the world show the newest innovations in the field of surveying, underwater technology, GPS, GNSS and more. In a few days you know what the newest innovations are, you updated your network and talked to (potential) customers. That is what a good exhibition is all about.

Their exhibits are of particular relevance to those attending the Navigation & Positioning, Hydrography/Geophysics and Marine Environment streams of the Oceanology International conference.

Seabed is more then just a supplier. Seabed is a total system integrator. By combining various instruments to one total solution Seabed can offer the client a custom made solution for a specific application.


SEATRONICS LTD will highlight the P900-130 2D Forward-Looking Imaging Sonar (note: actual item will be on the stand). This is the ultimate system for maximum efficiency, especially in low-visibility and zero-visibility conditions. The compact size and ultra-wide field-of-view (FOV = 130&730;) makes this the most efficient and effective forward-looking imaging sonar system available today. By covering wide areas quickly the P900-130 minimizes the time it takes to complete an inspection or search, saving time and money.

The P900-130 can be used as a stand-alone sensor module, or easily integrated on a wide variety of underwater or surface vehicles.

It offers easy, accurate detection and identification with high-definition imagery; and is unaffected by motion (up to 7 knots) for effective search and recovery applications. Quick a

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