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ROV NEWS: SeaBotix unveils the newest ultimate MiniROV the vLBV series

Posted on 04.03.2010 - 09:30 EST in ROV NEWS by ginamc

The SeaBotix vLBV300 is the latest addition to the successful LBV line of MiniROVs. Unlike any other system on the market the vLBV300 incorporates vectored thruster configuration and dual vertical thrusters into a sub 20kg vehicle. Incredible performance and flexibility make this the ultimate small ROV.

Seabotix vLBV seriesVariable Vector Configuration
The vLBV300 incorporates the proven Brushless DC thrusters that have been used on the LBV for years. Standard prop diameter is the 76mm with an option for 95mm props to  add even more power.

The thrusters can be varied from 45º to 35º to 20º vector in minutes for application optimization. At 45º vector the vLBV300 has exceptional thrust in all horizontal directions.

Dual vertical thrusters offer greater power as well as active roll compensation for increased vehicle stability.

Flexible Platform
The vLBV300 incorporates enhanced electronics with four video inputs, multiple fast serial ports and Ethernet. This new technology enables the vLBV300 to be equipped with a range of cameras and sensors. The modular construction has built in payload for most sensors with ease of adding floatation modules internally to greater increase the payload capacity.

Intuitive Controls
The vLBV300 utilizes the same operator controls as the LBV. This intuitive control console has over the years become regarded as the simplest to operate of any ROV on the market.

High-Quality Video and Sensor Data
There are a variety of video options for the vLBV300 to suit virtually any application. From the standard high resolution low light color camera to a full 1080i HD camera. There are options for rear facing and side facing cameras.

An extensive list of options will be available for the vLBV300 including a grabber, cameras, additional lighting, multi-beam sonars, scanning sonars, tracking systems, thickness gauge, CP, radiation and more.

Seabotix vLBV - TopSeabotix vLBV - FrontSeabotix vLBV - Bottom

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