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Survey: Two pipe trackers supplied for Chinese pipelay plough

Posted on 10.11.2004 - 03:50 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

ShengLi Oilfield has purchased two advanced TSS 440 pipe trackers for use with its new pipelay plough. The two pipe trackers have been supplied by UK company VT TSS Ltd and fitted to the front and rear of the tracked plough. Designed and built by ShengLi Oilfield engineers, the plough is capable of burying pipe up to 90 cm in diameter at depths down to 2 metres and is being used to support construction and survey activities in offshore China.

The two TSS 440 pipe trackers were commissioned in August and, although rated to 3,000 metres (9,843 ft), are currently being used in water no more than 20 metres deep. The 440 pipe tracker fitted to the front of the unit is used to locate the pipe before being received by the plough. The 440 fitted to the rear can perform a post-lay survey to measure depth of burial below the mean seabed level. Because this task would normally be undertaken separately by an ROV, the 440 has been chosen for its performance and potential to reduce installation costs.

8 November 2004

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