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Inspection: Cygnus 2 “Hands Free” Toughest & Smallest in Reliable Thickness Gauging

Posted on 22.01.2010 - 12:00 EST in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by ginamc

Cygnus InstrumentsThe Cygnus 2 has long been a standard in the marine and rope access industries across the world. The company’s roots are in ship surveying and diving. All its products are engineered to be reliable in extreme environments and, as such, are robust and versatile. Cygnus 2 gauges are also employed in oil & gas, pipelines, offshore, road tankers, civil engineering, storage tanks and many more plant maintenance industries.

Developed with the Cygnus-pioneered digital multiple echo technique, the new Cygnus 2 ignores protective coatings and gives error-checked measurements. Before a measurement is displayed the instrument checks that the return echoes are perfectly matched. This eliminates unverified, spurious readings, even on heavy corrosion.

The multiple echo technique, as specified by all major Classification Societies, guarantees that Cygnus gauges are reliable and only give true, repeatable measurements.

The Cygnus 2 is small and light (275 g inc. batteries), tough and water/dust resistant (IP65 & IP67). With automatic gain control, automatic probe recognition and automatic display brightness, it is simple to use!

Either worn on the waist, around the neck or clipped to a harness, the tough Cygnus 2 is supplied in a silicone sleeve to offer maximum protection, versatility and comfort.

Simple keypad operation facilitates calibration for the material under inspection – either against a known thickness or velocity of sound. Once set, calibration is stable with no zero adjustment.

Designed and built under the BS EN 15317 2007, the Cygnus 2 is also RoHs compliant (free of environmentally hazardous substances).

Cygnus offers a 3 year warranty on all its gauges and 6 months warranty on probes and leads.

Cygnus’ commitment to supply reliable, high quality products is stronger than ever.

For more information and other products, please visit:

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to or telephone on +44 (0) 1305 265 533.

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