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Inspection: All Weather Video Recorder

Posted on 25.10.2004 - 07:51 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by Rons_ROV_Links

ilexcomp writes:  

ILEX COMPUTING LTD. have recently built an All Weather Video Recorder (AWVR). This is a video recording unit sealed to IP65 standard. The recorder is a Hard Disc unit with sizes of 80gB - 300gB providing up to 3 days (72 hours), of high resolution colour recording at 25 frames per second (PAL).

Frame rates can be adjusted from 0.1 fps to 50 fps allowing time-lapse recording.

Integration of a GPS overlay unit provides accurate position plus date and time overlaid on the video image. A 12 channel GM44 GPS unit is supplied but any NMEA 0183 GPS unit can be used ($GPRMC & $GPGSV).

A 15” display is housed in the lid and the complete unit runs from 12v DC. It also provides a 24v DC supply for a video camera and a variable 0-24v DC supply for lighting, typically to control underwater cameras and lights.

There is a titling facility with the built-in keyboard. This allows free text to be entered which is then overlaid on the recorded video.

The entire unit is housed in a waterproof case with IP65 rated sockets provided on the side for the inputs and outputs.

The recorder can be connected to a PC or network using the Ethernet connector. The supplied “Wavelet” software can play any of the video clips directly on a local PC. Clips can be copied and edited on your PC or burnt to DVD.

It is an ideal recording unit for any kind of outdoors video survey which needs to be carried out in all weather conditions i.e. bridge surveys, ROV inspection work, quay inspection, reservoirs or river banks, sewer inspection - or other areas where dirt or liquid ingress may be an issue.

Camera selection has been left open so existing investment in camera and lighting can be utilised, or the unit can simply be used with a composite video input from any camera or VCR.

Contact Dick Edwards at Ilex Computing Ltd. for more details or visit our web site

View spec sheet:

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