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ODIM Brooke Ocean to deliver MPV30 to Ocean Surveys

Posted on 01.12.2009 - 12:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

ODIM Brooke Ocean to deliver MPV30 to Ocean SurveysODIM Brooke Ocean has received an order to deliver an ODIM MVP30 to Ocean Surveys Inc, Connecticut.

Ocean Surveys Inc. has placed an order for an ODIM MVP30 Moving Vessel Profiling system. OSI provides industry and government with a source of technical expertise to acquire and interpret scientific data from both marine and freshwater environments. Their range of capabilities include hydrographic, oceanographic and limnologic, geophysical and geotechnical survey services. The ODIM MVP30 will be in OSI's hydrographic program to acquire water column sound speed profiles for calibration of multibeam survey data.

The ODIM MVP30 is a light weight electrical winch used for the collection of real-time and continuous sound speed profile information for ocean mapping purposes. The ODIM MVP is a self-contained, semi-autonomous device, which collects oceanographic data while the vessel is underway. The sound velocity profiler system includes a computer controlled winch and deployment system for a variety of the free-fall sensor systems.

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