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General: RMT slams major North Sea engineering and construction company Subsea 7 over “race to the bottom” on jobs and pay

Posted on 07.10.2009 - 09:06 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by jamesmc

OFFSHORE ENERGY union RMT today slammed the major subsea engineering and construction company Subsea 7 for engaging in a “race to the bottom” on pay and conditions through the hiring of cheap, overseas labour which has put jobs and conditions in the North Sea field under threat.
Subsea 7 delivered global pre tax profits of $425 million in 2008 with the bulk of the money - $235 million – being delivered from their North Sea operations.
Now the company are re-paying the hard work of their North Sea staff by threatening to dump them out of their jobs and hiring in cheap labour from overseas.

RMT have pledged an all-out fight to save jobs and to protect pay and conditions in the North Sea field and have warned Subsea 7 that they will mobilise a global trade union fightabck against the company. RMT are demanding immediate talks with Subsea 7 on the attack on jobs, pay and conditions.
In a letter to Subsea 7 management, RMT members say clearly: “If you think that we will idly sit back and allow you to remove our livelihoods without a fight you are very much mistaken.”
Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, said:
“RMT members employed by Subsea 7 are clearly angry at what is tantamount to social dumping regarding the decision by the company to replace them with cheaper labour from other countries.
“We will not sit back while this highly-profitable, global company replace our members with cheap labour at the stroke of a pen. As well as causing anger and resentment within the Subsea 7 workforce these actions are setting alarm bells ringing right across the offshore industry.
“We will have no hesitation in mobilising a global trade union campaign exposing the activities of Subsea 7 and would urge the company to make immediate arrangements to meet with RMT representatives to discuss their intentions and the impact on their UK workforce.”


Source RMT Website:  RMT slams major North Sea engineering and construction company Subsea 7 over “race to the bottom” on jobs and pay


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