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Oil States MCS Ltd. launches revolutionary remote cutting technology

Posted on 22.09.2009 - 11:00 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Oil States MCS Ltd. launches revolutionary remote cutting technologyOil States Industries announces that its subsidiary, Oil States MCS Ltd., has launched a new External Cutting Manipulator (ECM) toolset for remote-controlled subsea cutting applications in the offshore decommissioning industry. Oil States MCS Ltd. has been a recognized innovator in diverless subsea cutting solutions since the early 1980s.

Using the new toolset and methodology, linear straight, linear angled or castellated cutting operations can be routinely and remotely controlled from a surface Control Station. Onboard cameras and positioning sensors provide real-time cut monitoring information. On completion of the cut, the systems are depressurized, and the ROV returns, collects the tool, and then repositions it or installs it back into the tool deployment frame for recovery back to the surface. The new ECM toolset includes a Valve Chest Module, a Clamping Module and a Cutting Module along with a tool-to-ROV interface unit.

Key features:

• Provides linear straight, linear angled or "castellated" cut profiles.
• Can perform both multiple cut configurations in a single deployment
• Covers the most commonly required sizes, ranging from 12" to 60"
• Can be altered to accommodate different diameter members without recovery to the surface
• Interchangeable sub-assemblies and compatible sub-systems, drives and major components.

In trials earlier this year, the new solution performed what is believed to be the first fully remote-controlled, fully submerged castellated cut.

For more information click this link.

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