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ROV NEWS: Global Marine surveys success on TAT 14

Posted on 04.10.2004 - 13:05 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

During an unbroken 32-day tour of duty Global Marine Systems Limited recently surveyed 160km of the TAT 14 subsea telecommunications cable, identifying and subsequently reburying the cable at locations that had become exposed.

Contracted by KPN, acting on behalf of the TAT 14 owners, Global Marine completed the work within the required timeframe demonstrating the effectiveness and experience of the officers and crew of the Wave Sentinel cable ship. The subsea work was conducted using one of Global Marine's ATLAS ROV's - the most powerful and effective maintenance ROV in the cable maintenance industry today.

The TAT 14 system is a 'ring' system across the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea. The segment requiring remedial work was situated in the shallow waters of the Southern North Sea off the coast of Holland and Belgium.

Murray Eldridge, Global Marine’s Commercial Director, commented: “This success demonstrates that Global Marine has the technical solutions that deliver the results customers want - high quality work using industry leading technology and at the best value.”

Johannes Boersma, Procurement Manager of KPN, said: “Global Marine understood our specific requirements and met them in the most timely and cost effective manner. We were particularly pleased with the interaction and team work of the shore and fleet personnel.”

Captain Simon Hibberd from the Wave Sentinel, added: “Global Marine has the people, experience and equipment to deliver to our customers expectations. This type of cable system improvement work reinforces the value we can add for our customers.

27 September 2004

Global Marine
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