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Seatronics and BlueView reach agreement

Posted on 09.09.2009 - 10:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Seatronics and BlueView reach agreementSeatronics, has reached an agreement with BlueView Technologies under which the two companies will work together to market BlueView's miniature multibeam sonar systems worldwide.

BlueView, based in Seattle, USA. Until now, the company has focused most of its sales exports within the USA, particularly targeting the US Navy, the US Customs and several port authorities. Approximately 200 commercial systems have been sold for use on remotely operated vehicles (ROV), underwater vessels, surface boats and fixed surveillance platforms. These systems have been delivered to over 25 major US port security groups, US and international navies, NOAA, global defence contractors, universities, as well as offshore oil and gas groups for a wide range of underwater vision applications. Exploiting Seatronics' global marketing network, and its excellent reputation in the marine electronics sales and rental field. BlueView Technologies saw an opportunity to promote their multibeam products into promote the product for a greater range of subsea applications worldwide.

The 2D forward-looking sonars multibeam sonars that BlueView provide are an effective replacement for a normal optical camera in zero-visibility conditions and may be used to navigate in chaotic surroundings or within complex subsea structures.

From a practical standpoint, all the units are small, light and compact, and consume very little power (10-15 W). Hence, they are easy to mount on the smallest ROV or they can be used manually by divers. Units can be used in water depths varying from 300m to 4000m.

The units have been used extensively by the US Navy and counterterrorism organisations to survey ships' hulls and berths for the presence of explosive devices. Customs authorities have also used them to counter assist in the smuggling of illegal substances under water.

Seatronics managing director David Currie is looking forward to the prospect of marketing the BlueView units and expects them to become an essential visual tool for ROV operators in the oil and gas industry working in water where visibility is a problem. "They have a lot to offer users involved in structural inspection tasks," he says, adding, "One interesting application is the identification of pipeline leaks, as both gas and on aqueous liquids strongly attenuate the sonar beam and so show up well on the sonar image."

Commenting further Currie believes that the BlueView products are significantly ahead of the field in terms of imaging performance and practicality describes them as based on "winning technology," and points out that, even though thoroughly proven, they are still the subject of substantial research and development with further advances on technology expected.

"We initially started the agreement for Europe, Asia Pacific & Middle Eastern regions but due to popular demand and reputation we have recently expanded the distribution to the Gulf of Mexico region, meaning we now have a worldwide agreement to supply these high tech products."

"With the support that Seatronics can provide for the units in the field, I am confident we will see a rapid uptake of the BlueView products," Currie says. "Seatronics already has a number of models available for demonstration, sale or rental in all of their bases."

For a demo or to discuss any of these systems please contact your local Seatronics base.

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