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ROV NEWS: New Heave Compensator Goes Active for Maersk and CTC Marine

Posted on 22.09.2004 - 12:57 EDT in ROV NEWS by ginamc

Safely deploying the AMP500SMD Hydrovision have successfully completed trials of a new design 200te SWL Passive In-line Heave Compensator delivered to AP Moller (Maersk) of Denmark at the beginning of September.  The device is primarliy used to reduce the motion of CTC's AMP500 Pipeline Plough when it is launched from the Maersk Assister for safe landing over the pipe. 

In trials it provided in excess of 85% compensation of vessel heave, which will greatly increase the safe operating weather window of the system.

In each stage of deploying the plough from launch through the air/water interface, to lowering over the pipe and landing, vastly different wire tensions and dynamic conditions are encountered.  The compensator has been specifically designed to work in all of these scenarios to protect the plough and wire rope, and ultimately the pipe.  The winch operator has a simple touchscreen control panel from which he can switch between operation modes and monitor the compensation.

The compensator is a completely stand alone unit with the hydraulic and gas system built in.  This means it can be rapidly mobilised - only requiring a mechanical and electrical connection.

SMD Hydrovision can also offer Active Heave Compensators.  Contact Mike Jones for further information.

Source: SMD Hydrovision
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