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Orion INS from Teledyne TSS gets IMO approval

Posted on 28.07.2009 - 09:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Orion INS from Teledyne TSS gets IMO approvalTeledyne TSS has won approval of performance standards from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for their Orion Inertial Navigation System (INS). The International Maritime Organization is the United Nations specialised agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships.

Performance standards for Inertial Navigation Systems were adopted by the IMO to enhance the safety of navigation by providing integrated and augmented functions to avoid geographic, traffic and environmental hazards. An INS comprises navigational tasks such as route planning, route monitoring and collision avoidance, including the respective sources, data and displays that are integrated into one navigation system.

An INS is defined as such in the performance standards if it covers at least two of the following navigational tasks/functions: route monitoring, collision avoidance and track control.

The Orion Inertial Navigation System was specifically designed for the demanding hydrographic survey, offshore construction and ROV operations markets. It incorporates three single axis ring laser elements and three highly accurate accelerometers. These specific components, widely used in many of the world's commercial aircraft, were chosen for Orion because of availability, accuracy and their very high meantime between failures. These core elements enabled the TSS research and development team to design this high specification Inertial Navigation System that is configured and controlled by the latest easy-to -use interface - OrionView

Orion utilises the latest version of the TSS inertial algorithm, which has over 30 years of pedigree providing outstanding performance in all sea conditions. Orion is offered as an IP65-rated surface unit or 3000m-rated subsea unit (6000m optional).

Teledyne TSS has 130 years experience in providing proven solutions to its commercial and defence customer base. The company is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of accurate marine gyrocompasses, dynamic motion sensors and inertial attitude and heading reference systems; as well as subsea pipe and cable detection and survey systems. Teledyne TSS can also provide bespoke engineering services and retrofit solutions for vessel navigation and steering operations.

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