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L-3 Klein to provide nine 3900 side scan sonar systems for French Navy

Posted on 27.07.2009 - 11:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

L-3 Klein to provide nine 3900 side scan sonar systems for French NavyL-3 Klein Associates, Inc., a division of L-3 Communications, announced today the sale and shipment of nine complete 3900 side scan sonar systems (SSS) to the French Navy. The order includes an option for six additional sonar systems to be purchased within one year.

"We are extremely pleased by the French navy's selection of our System 3900 for its requirements," said Michael Mitchell, L-3 Klein's vice president of business development. "Because of its power and affordability, it has gained acceptance all over the world as the portable go-to system for just about every shallow water (<200m) side scan application."

The System 3900 is designed for producing detailed underwater images using advanced sonar technologies. It is commonly used for search and recovery and shallow water mapping, and is in use by police, fire, sheriff, Coast Guard, and Navy units throughout the world.

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