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Onshore News: Oil Firm Accused Of Being Unfair To Employees

Posted on 03.09.2004 - 02:34 EDT in ONSHORE NEWS by ginamc

An Oil giant was yesterday accused of discriminating against lower-level staff as it relocated from Aberdeen to London.

It was claimed Eni UK is treating its support staff unfairly and not according them the same rights as professionals further up the ladder.

The company confirmed the move south in July. At the time, workers at its Redmoss base were told they would be offered a transfer to London or, if they refused, redundancy.

However, the Press and Journal was contacted yesterday by a reader, who said some staff had been told they would not be offered a transfer package.

According to the source, lower-level employees will see their jobs move to London without them - although they could reapply for the position if they wished.

The reader said: "They have done it on a grade system.

"Eighty employees have been offered a lucrative relocation package but those in lower positions have been told they're not getting the package."

He said that although those employees would be allowed to apply for their job again in London, this would not be economically feasible without support. He added: "They have made it impossible. They are picking on support staff to save money."

A spokesman for the company said yesterday: "The relocation policy which staff were briefed about yesterday is under consultation and is not set in stone.

"It is subject to a consultation process and until such time as this has been completed the company cannot confirm any details of the proposed policy."

Graham Tran of Amicus Union has been dealing with Eni UK since his members first became concerned about the way they were being treated.

He wrote to the company in July, requesting a meeting, but it did not acknowledge his letter.

He described yesterday's development as "shocking" and the company's behaviour as "obscene". He added: "The fact that this has come out shows people are concerned. It is a double whammy - not only are they pulling out of Aberdeen, but they are discriminating against people because they are at the lower end of the scale, and we really feel for the people involved.

"The way they (the company) have handled it is shocking. This is no way to treat people who may have worked for them for years."

Source: The Press & Journal
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