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IXSEA GAPS is the one for NCS Survey

Posted on 02.07.2009 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

IXSEA GAPS is the one for NCS SurveyNCS Survey has chosen GAPS, IXSEA's Global Acoustic Positioning System, for the acoustic positioning of a number of subsea structures for a North Sea renewables project due to start this month.

Speaking from the company's new head office in Westhill, Aberdeen, Andy Gray, CEO of NCS Survey said: "We have chosen GAPS as it will allow us to meet the high accuracy required without the need to deploy an acoustic array.

It will assist NCS Survey in providing an extremely cost and time efficient method of meeting our clients needs both on this project and for future survey work - one of the key drivers in the current economic climate. We strongly believe in adopting technologies which drive down project costs by increasing time efficiencies on projects. IXSEA have a range of products that fit this category."

Ed Cheesman, UK Sales Manager of IXSEA said: "We are delighted to see forward thinking customers such as NCS Survey continue to invest in new technologies bucking the trend of the credit crunch and driving forward best practice in the subsea industry.

"GAPS, a subsea tracking system which works well in both deep and ultra shallow water, contains an in-built inertial navigation system which is mechanically coupled to a USBL head in the factory and calibrated, once and for all before delivery to IXSEA's clients.

This makes it the natural choice for anyone looking to increase accuracy and reduce vessel time during marine survey operations."

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