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CGGVeritas conducts Indonesia survey to investigate tsunami prediction

Posted on 29.06.2009 - 10:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

CGGVeritas conducts Indonesia survey to investigate tsunami predictionCGGVeritas announced today that it has just completed acquisition of a seismic survey offshore Sumatra intended to build a clearer geological model of the region in order to improve the understanding of the mechanics of tsunami generation.

The Geowave Champion, one of the largest CGGVeritas vessels, conducted a seismic survey in the Indian Ocean off Sumatra as part of a TIDES (Tsunami Investigation - Deep Evaluation Seismic) project in conjunction with the Indonesian Government's Research Bodies, BPPT, LIPI, and MGI and the Institut Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP).
The survey configuration included a Sercel Sentinel solid 15 km streamer, one of the longest streamers ever deployed by a seismic vessel.

A team of senior scientists will use the data from this new ultra deep survey along with previous surveys to improve imaging of structures at depths below 50 km that are unobtainable using academic research vessels.

Following acquisition, CGGVeritas will process the seismic data in one of its major processing & imaging technology centers, applying the latest advanced algorithms to enhance the subsurface image.

The ultimate goal of the project is to improve the ability to predict the magnitude and location of earthquakes through advancing the understanding of the mechanics of tsunami generation. This will be accomplished through building a clearer picture of the lithospheric plate boundaries as well as the distribution and geometry of faulting and seafloor displacement.

Professor Jana T. Anggadiredja, Deputy Chairman of BPPT, stated: "This survey is designed to investigate deep geological structures of the accretionary prism in the western part of the Padang and Bengkulu waters.

These deep seismic reflection profiles will describe the structures of the locked areas due to stress accumulation from the subduction processes. We are pleased that CGGVeritas agreed to take part in this challenging project, demonstrating its long-term commitment to Indonesia."

Satish Singh, Professor at the IPG Paris, explains: "The objective of this new deep seismic reflection survey is to build an earthquake and tsunami risk map and to then prepare different possible disaster scenarios based on the results. This is the first time we, or anyone else in the world, has been able to undertake such a survey prior to an earthquake and associated tsunami."

Cameron Astill, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific region, CGGVeritas, said: "CGGVeritas is proud to donate its services to participate in this unique project to better understand tsunami occurrence in a region haunted by the horrific events of 2004. This action is an excellent example of our company vision and values to contribute to both the local and scientific communities where we work."

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