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Position reliability using C-Nav P3QC processing

Posted on 22.06.2009 - 13:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Position reliability using C-Nav P3QC processingThe reliability of GPS and aided GPS positioning is a major concern for many existing and potential applications. This paper describes an experiment to test C-Nav Precise Point Positioning Quality Controlled (P3QC) software, which has been developed to address this concern.

This experiment places a pair of C-Nav World corrected GPS (WcGPS) receivers sharing a single antenna via a splitter on a surveyed point in a high blockage/multi-path environment. This environment is chosen to stimulate a high level of positioning failure, as system performance during failure is the parameter of interest. A second pair of receivers sharing a single antenna via a splitter is placed in a clear environment. This pair tests the performance of the receiver in the clear. In each pair, one receiver uses the P3QC software, while the other uses pre-P3QC software as a control. Receiver position outputs are compared to the surveyed positions and errors for each receiver are determined at each epoch. The errors are examined as a function of antenna environment, software type and data quality. A filter is run to delete remaining positions with low reliability. Data sets are compared.

An earlier edition of this paper was presented at Hydro 2009 in Norfolk Virginia.

Click to view the paper in PDF format

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