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Ifremer vessel and submersibles assist in search for flight AF 477

Posted on 21.06.2009 - 06:05 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Ifremer vessel and submersibles assist in search for flight AF 477The oceanographic vessel Pourquoi pas ? is one of the vessels deployed by France within the framework of research operations at sea and recovery of flight recorders carried out following the accident of flight AF 447 on 1 June.

The ship arrived June 11th in the morning on the broad offshore area of Brazil to deploy technological resources and human means of Ifremer and of Genavir and thus for BEA (Office of Investigations and Analysis), responsible for the technical investigation.

The first phase of operations which Ifremer is involved, is to locate the flight recorders from the aircraft through an acoustic transponder. This system is towed by a cable connected to the vessel. Its function is to detect the acoustic signal beacons and transmit to the ship. Upon detection of the signal, the second phase will involve the intervention of submarine Nautile and Victor 6000 in the recovery of the recorders.

The Nautile is capable of diving up to 6000 meters. It is a manned submersible and is equipped with a sonar, able to detect signals up to 200 meters each side. A complete dive takes up to 5 hours. It takes 2 hours to go down and 2 hours to come up again. The ROV Victor 6000 can dive up to 3 days in a row. It uses a cable that's connected to the ship and it can make progress in difficult environments. Both machines are equipped with cameras and robotic arms allowing grap materials and objects.

(This press release was translated from French to English using Yahoo! Babel Fish)

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