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SeaZone celebrates 5 years of growth

Posted on 19.06.2009 - 13:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeaZone celebrates 5 years of growthSeaZone, the market leader for marine geographic information data, software and services, is celebrating its fifth birthday. Since it was established in 2004 SeaZone has experienced significant growth, launched a range of innovative products and services and helped over 700 customers, worldwide, make informed decisions about the marine environment and coastal zone.

During the past five years SeaZone has developed a range of marine geographic information data, software and services. Easy to use, fit for purpose geographic datasets include detailed water depth information, scanned and geocoded Admiralty Charts and the only truly authoritative digital marine map - SeaZone HydroSpatial. SeaZone has also developed next generation software to manage and present survey and environmental monitoring data and provide desktop access to the world standard in tidal prediction methodology. To complement its data and software portfolio SeaZone can also provide application specific product and Geographical Information System training, data manipulation and analysis and software development.

"It is an exciting time for those involved in protecting and developing our marine environment and we are proud to be at the leading edge," commented Dr Mike Osborne, Managing Director and Founder of SeaZone Solutions Ltd. "In the UK, The Marine and Coastal Access Bill is placing new responsibilities on those who manage this valuable resource while the demands placed on it from offshore energy developers, transport infrastructure and protecting habitats are also increasing. It is therefore essential that we continue to provide the most accurate, up to date and easy to use data and software to support decision making worldwide."

SeaZone is helping a range of industries manage, develop and protect the marine environment. Key markets include Environmental Protection, Economic Development and Risk Management with users including Central and Local Government, Emergency Services, Security and Defence Bodies, Insurance Companies, Renewable Energy Developers, Oil and Gas Companies and Port and Harbour Authorities.

"It's hard to believe that we have achieved so much in such a short space of time," concluded Dr Osborne. "During the last five years we have faced many challenges, learnt many lessons and developed a wide range and depth of expertise and knowledge. We have brought a greater understanding of the marine environment and coastal zone to our growing client base and succeeded in raising the awareness of the importance of geographic information at a global level. As we move forward into the next five years we will build on our successes to date, improving both the quality and coverage of our data solutions and developing strategic working relationships."

SeaZone is a world leader in the field of marine geographic information solutions, including its innovative data product, SeaZone HydroSpatial, the first ‘off the shelf' authoritative digital marine map.

SeaZone's knowledge of marine science, data acquisition and use, with expertise in geographic information systems (GIS) and data management, provides customers with innovative solutions that address their data access, processing and management needs.

Over 700 organisations across the oil and gas, renewable energy, conservation and public sectors use SeaZone data, software and services to help support decision making in the Marine Environment and Coastal Zone.

The company, SeaZone Solutions Limited, is wholly owned by Admiralty Holdings Ltd (AHL), which is owned by the UK Secretary of State for Defence and operated on his behalf by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO).

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