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Onshore News: LinkQuest Expands Its Facility to 20,000 ft/sq

Posted on 12.06.2009 - 13:00 EDT in ONSHORE NEWS by jamesmc

Linquest Inc.LinkQuest is pleased to announce the expansion of its facility at 6749 Top Gun Street to 20,000 square feet. Now occupying most of a state-of-the-art two-story building at the heart of the high tech region in San Diego, California, LinkQuest has increased its space for R&D, manufacturing and training by more than 40%.

This expansion to include a neighboring area in the same building is a direct result from significant growth of the company in the past two years and the tremendous opportunity to meet high demand for its best-selling SoundLink underwater acoustic modems, TrackLink USBL tracking systems, FlowQuest acoustic current profilers and NavQuest Doppler velocity logs in the worldwide market. The new facility will also be used for research and development of new products. For more information, please visit or contact the company at

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