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Miclyn chooses Sonardyne acoustic positioning system

Posted on 22.05.2009 - 10:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Miclyn chooses Sonardyne acoustic positioning systemMiclyn Express Offshore has placed an order with Sonardyne International for a package of equipment tailored to create the ideal Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic positioning system. The equipment consists of the company's Ranger-Pro survey grade USBL system, integrated with a high-precision Sonardyne Lodestar Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS).

Miclyn Express Offshore is a leading provider of offshore support vessels in the Asia Pacific region and the new equipment will be used in its fleet of 70-metre multi-purpose, DP2 (Dynamically Positioned) ships. The combination of Ranger-Pro and Lodestar creates a high-performance package that enables Miclyn vessels to use dynamic positioning in much deeper waters than has been possible in the past. The equipment package also means that this can now be achieved while simultaneously providing precise positioning for ROVs and towfish.

Ranger-Pro incorporates Sonardyne Wideband acoustic signal technology to enable seamless multi-vessel ‘SIMOPS' capability ensuring no vessel downtime. It is recognised as the optimum solution for deepwater DP and construction survey as it offers a proven and risk-free solution with the capability to be integrated with Long BaseLine systems to perform tasks such as metrology.

In deepwater, the accuracy of the motion systems used to compensate USBL data is one of the most critical factors. Lodestar is ten times more accurate than many typical motion sensors. It provides exceptional pitch, roll and heave data essential for deep water construction survey operations. IMO certification enables ship operators to use the gyro compass output of the Lodestar for a range of applications. These can include primary navigation and as a feed for helm, autopilot, radar and ECDIS.
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