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CDL launch low cost fibre optic gyro - the TOGS

Posted on 08.05.2009 - 13:30 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

CDL launch low cost fibre optic gyro - the TOGSThis month CDL launched their latest Gyro System, a low cost, North Seeking Fibre Optic Gyro – The TOGS, (Tiny Optical Gyro System). The introduction of the new Fibre Optic Gyro System took place in Southampton at 'Ocean Business 09'. CDL will continue to market the TOGS through its offices in Aberdeen, Scotland and Houston, Texas, by providing regular demos and direct one to one discussions with the TOGS project manager, Mads Fogh.

The TOGS is a north seeking gyro system, capable of finding north within 15 minutes with 0.5 degree secant latitude accuracy. The main objective of developing the TOGS is to meet the requirement of the subsea and survey industry for an extremely low cost, small and lightweight gyro.

TOGSCEO of CDL, Colin Crichton said: "The TOGS represents a significant price breakthrough in the availability of optical North seeking instrumentation. The system will find uses in a broad spectrum of product areas from small vessels such as yachts up to DP equipped FPSO systems on the surface as well as the complete range of ROVs underwater. CDL invested significant research and development resources in the project and are delighted to announce that all accuracy targets have been met. Full demo systems are now being demonstrated to clients and the first production units will be delivered in the next few months."

To request a demonstration on the TOGS the company can be contacted on; CDL UK on +44 (0) 1224 706655 (info [at] cdltd [dot] net) or CDL Inc on +1 (281) 710 7276 (infoUSA [at] cdltd [dot] net).
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