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Hafmynd announces first sales of Gavia AUVs for commercial oil and gas applicati

Posted on 29.04.2009 - 10:00 EDT in AUV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Hafmynd announces first sales of Gavia AUVs for commercial oil and gas applicationsHafmynd announces the recent sale to NCS Survey of Aberdeen of two Gavia systems for commercial Oil and Gas applications. The two systems are of the Gavia Offshore Surveyor line which are Gavia systems optimized for the commercial survey applications. They are equipped with SeeByte's AutoTrack capability, which will allow the system to actively track pipelines with input from the onboard Marine Sonics side scan sonar, a GeoSwath swath bathymetry system from GeoAcoustics, and a camera system. One of the systems is 500m rated while the other is 1000m rated with the only differences in the two systems being the aluminum blend used in the machining and extended depth rating transducers so that both systems are the same size and roughly the same weight (around 2.7m and 80Kg).

The two Gavia Offshore Surveyor vehicles will be used by NCS Survey for varying commercial services in the Oil & Gas market including pipeline inspection and varying kinds of bathymetric / side scan / photographic missions and marks the first purchase of Gavia AUVs by a survey contractor for commercial hire. The systems are slated to be delivered later in 2009 but initial commercial survey applications will commence May 2009 with NCS utilizing an existing Hafmynd system for operations for a major energy company.

According to NCS Chief Executive Andy Gray: "We chose the Gavia over other AUVs because it addresses the payload and portability issues that are key to the market sector we are developing. The Hafmynd team have been very responsive in working with our R&D team at NCS Survey to develop innovative solutions allowing us to become the market leader in this technology."

According to Arnar Steingrimsson, Marketing Manager at Hafmynd: "Hafmynd is very pleased to be working with NCS Survey on the introduction of the Gavia commercial systems to the Oil and Gas industry globally and look forward to a close collaboration with NCS Survey in optimizing the performance of the system to best suit the needs of the offshore sector."
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