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Survey: SeeTrack Offshore strengthens Subsea 7 ROV operations

Posted on 27.04.2009 - 13:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeeTrack Offshore strengthens Subsea 7 ROV operationsSeeByte announces the unit sale of the latest version of its SeeTrack Offshore product for ROV Dynamic Positioning (DP) to subsea engineering & construction company Subsea 7. The system was successfully installed on the latest-generation Hercules 135 ROV aboard Subsea 7's Kommandor Subsea vessel operating in the North Sea.

The sale follows the recent release of SeeTrack Offshore v 2.2 which is compatible with all standard ROV systems and can be easily retro-fitted to operational units that are fitted with a Doppler and a Heading Reference system. Pilots using ROVS equipped with SeeTrack Offshore will be able to hold position and heading at the touch of a button, change the position and heading accurately using a simple point-and-click mouse interface, use the ROV joystick intuitively without having to consider currents and tether effects and cruise at constant speed and heading.

The latest version includes new features for greater performance, such as the Survey Module which allows the user to pre-plan a mission with waypoint and holding patterns using a simple and intuitive user interface. The ROV is then transformed into a stable, automatic vehicle capable of gathering excellent data. The Survey Module is ideal for all subsea surveys.

Subsea 7 ROV and Tooling Equipment Manager, Paul Darwin said: "Our offshore crew is very impressed with the latest SeeTrack Offshore product. Our operators appreciate its simplicity and are eager to see how it performs in the North Sea's prevailing environmental conditions, with significant waves and very strong subsea currents, in the upcoming projects."

SeeByte Sales Manager Ioseba Tena said: "SeeTrack Offshore is just another example of how SeeByte uses the latest generation of SMART software tools in an easy to operate, pilot friendly form factor to improve the operations of all our customers."
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