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Contract Awards: ROVworld receives order for AC-ROV system from Masterconnect Lda (Portugal)

Posted on 21.04.2009 - 10:37 EDT in CONTRACT AWARDS by jamesmc

ROVworld Lda is pleased to announce that it has received an order for the supply of an AC-ROV system from Masterconnect Lda based in Abrantes, Northern Portugal.

AC-ROV System ROVworld Lda will supply to Masterconnect an AC-ROV vehicle (depth rated to -75m) along with 52m tether (Neutral buoyancy in Seawater) spooled onto a Tether Deployment System (TDS).  A recommended spares pack will also be included in the supply.

During a recent live demonstration at a local Dam (Barragem) the MD of Masterconnect Lda, Mr. Rui Duarte, advised that his company had been looking for a compact system to include single operator set-up and use, with ease of transportation by road and subsequent operation from a small boat.  As the AC-ROV requires only one operator and fits into one rugged storm case, Mr. Duarte felt that it suited his company's needs by offering both value for money coupled with high portability and ease of use.  Mr. Duarte was particularly impressed with the that the total system weight (when packed) is only 18KG.

The AC-ROV system will be used by Masterconnect in Portugal for Dam and Bridge Support inspections.

More information on the AC-ROV can be found at:
ROVworld Lda
Email: Contact Form
Tel: +351 289 472 326
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