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Tritech International Ltd announce the launch of the new StarFish, Scanline V2.0

Posted on 31.03.2009 - 10:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Tritech International Ltd announce the launch of the new StarFish, Scanline V2.0 softwareStarFish is an affordable, high performance, side scan sonar which produces spectacular images of the seabed and now has even greater capabilities.

Tritech are offering a free upgrade of the StarFish Scanline V2.0 Software. The new, easy to use software is available for download from the StarFish website:

The improved software has taken into account many of the requests made by StarFish users. The company is said to be as delighted as their customers with the new features.

New StarFish Scanline V2.0 Software features:

• New log file format - Allows storage of sensor and environmental parameters.Log files created using Scanline V1.1 will be converted to the new format when they are opened.
• Redesign of the user interface - Utilises the Microsoft Office style ribbon interface.
• Hardware management system improvements - New automatic connection system; improving the way external USB and serial (NMEA) devices are detected and connected.
• Configuration wizard - Helps to quickly configure Scanline's environment, hardware and display settings.
• Depth plotter - Showing depth below the sonar or from a NMEA echo-sounder attached to the system.
• Hardware manager - Widget to allow quick management of which devices are connected or in an error condition and to access their settings.
• Data manager - Widget to help quickly select which types of data are to be used from the attached sensors.
• GPS constellation viewer - Showing current satellites in use, signal strengths and details of the current fix being taken.
• Improved interface - To select types of measurement units.
• Support of UTM coordinates.
• Redesign of data plotters - Allowing interaction with GPS position and depth information beneath the cursor.

Utilising advanced digital CHIRP acoustic technology, developed from the professional underwater survey industry, StarFish can view targets at longer ranges without any loss in image quality. It out performs many larger, commercial systems in shallow water and at a fraction of the cost. StarFish systems are available from £1,699.00 GBP

StarFish is designed to be 'Plug and Play', connecting to your Windows PC or laptop via a USB connection. Simple setup means you have the ability to capture real-time, digital images of the seabed during every journey you make.
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