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BlueView Technologies teams with Marine Simulation for new forward looking sonar

Posted on 26.03.2009 - 13:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

BlueView Technologies teams with Marine Simulation for new forward looking sonar simulatorBlueView Technologies, Inc. recently teamed with Marine Simulation LLC to develop a sonar simulator based on BlueView's line of forward looking multibeam imaging sonars. The new computer based simulator is designed to be used with ROVsim® Pro, Marine Simulation's flagship undersea ROV simulator and will be offered as an optional module later this quarter. With the addition of BlueView's imaging sonar, ROV pilots can now quickly learn how to navigate in low visibility conditions using the sonar's real-time feedback.

This technique of "flying-by-sonar" can dramatically decrease an ROV's downtime resulting from poor water conditions. With over 200 systems installed on inspection and work-class ROV platforms, BlueView sonar are quickly becoming the standard for ROV operations worldwide.

Implementing the very latest in 3D graphics and physics simulation technologies, the ROVsim Pro system is designed from the ground up to assist institutions meet the growing demand for professionally trained ROV pilots and operators. ROVsim Pro can be delivered in a wide variety of configurations and later be upgraded as future needs require. By modularizing the design and separating the program into distinct applications communicating over a simple network, ROVsim Pro can be used in virtually any training environment. ROVsim simulators are currently being used by ROV operators, universities and training centers in 11 countries worldwide.
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