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Desert Star Systems' PILOT under the ice ROV tracking

Posted on 13.03.2009 - 13:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Desert Star Systems' PILOT under the ice ROV trackingDesert Star Systems' low-cost survey system, PILOT, has proven to be an effective tool over the years. It's grown from being an advanced system only understood by fellow engineers to an off-the-shelf positioning system that provides survey grade results without the hassle that comes with "survey-grade" equipment. In 2007 PILOT found its way onto the SCINI ROV, the Submersible Capable of under Ice Navigation and Imaging, which later found its way into the frigid arctic waters of Antarctica.

The Moss Landing Marine Lab's team was making another 'routine' trip to Antarctica in late 2008 and they asked Desert Star to send one of our own into the bitter cold temps and even colder waters. Needless to say, Marco was shipped out in October for two months. PILOT was used on several deployments 'under the ice' when SCINI required sub-meter (or better) positioning.

Other typical uses of PILOT are ROV/AUV tracking, diver tracking & monitoring, harbor inspections, seafloor surveys, pipeline inspections, body recoveries, etc. The latest use of PILOT is with Florida State University's Underwater Crime Scene Investigation program...
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