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Magellan Professional introduces the ProFlex 500 GNSS receiver

Posted on 13.03.2009 - 11:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Magellan Professional introduces the ProFlex 500 GNSS receiverMagellan Professional announced today the launch of a new dual-frequency GNSS Receiver - the ProFlex 500. The new ProFlex 500 is a powerful positioning solution that delivers state-of-the-art RTK features in a rugged, highly integrated receiver design. ProFlex 500 is designed for multiple applications: surveying using a backpack, marine positioning, machine control, and base stations. Adaptable to most specific precise positioning usage, the ProFlex 500 is the ideal solution for people looking for a single GNSS receiver for multiple applications. The flexibility of the Magellan offering also allows the users to pick the capabilities for their specific application.

Highly integrated and rugged design

The heart of the ProFlex 500 is, a 75-channel GNSS board that tracks dual-frequency GPS and GLONASS signals as well as SBAS ranging signals, all of which are optimally processed by the patented BLADE technology for high-performance RTK accuracy and optimal operational productivity.

The ProFlex 500 is a high-end GNSS receiver with a unique set of embedded communication features for maximum flexibility and bad weather resistance. It contains completely integrated GSM, UHF and Bluetooth for wireless communications as well as Ethernet, RS-232/422 and USB connections. All output connections are optically isolated to prevent problems with installation in shipboard or aircraft applications.

Made to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the product features the following characteristics: 100% condensing humidity proof, salt mist resistant, and shock and vibration resistant as defined in military standard MIL STD 810 F. The receiver has a rugged aluminum housing and is IP67 rated.

Application packages

The ProFlex 500 works as either a base or a rover and is available with different application packages to adapt to various customer needs:

•  For land surveying, Magellan provides a backpack kit to make surveying with the ProFlex 500 a snap. The kit includes a quick-release system to easily separate the receiver from the antenna allowing easy removal of the backpack. Magellan's FAST Survey field software is completely compatible with the ProFlex 500.
•  For marine applications, Magellan offers UHF antennas and mounting parts for easy installation onboard ships. Specifically designed for coastal works, dredging, bathymetry or offshore user needs, the ProFlex 500 Marine application package offers ideal specific features to the marine users such as the long range RTK capability and the dependable UHF expertise of Magellan.
•  For onboard machine applications, the ProFlex 500 is ready for system integration and represents a GNSS solution alternative for OEM manufacturers and VARs who need precise positioning for the machine guidance/control markets, such as agriculture, construction or mining.
•  For base station applications, Magellan offers built-in Ethernet capability, that enables access to the ProFlex 500 from any computer connected to the Internet for remote control and monitoring. The rugged design and embedded communication features will ensure your investment is safe in all conditions, which is especially important for base station applications.

BLADE Technology Inside

The ProFlex 500 follows the introduction last year of the ProMark 500 smart antenna for surveying and the MB 500 OEM GNSS board. All three products feature Magellan's BLADE Technology, which introduces a unique patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning, maximizing the benefit of adding extra satellites to its already stellar GPS performance. BLADE also accounts for the GLONASS receiver biases in reference stations, allowing the user to optimally use the GLONASS signals from any manufacturer's receiver. BLADE even allows the receiver to benefit from GLONASS satellites in the absence of GLONASS correction data by properly weighting the uncorrected measurements.
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