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New pan & tilt unit and camera lamps from Kongsberg Maritime at Subsea 09

Posted on 06.03.2009 - 13:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

New pan & tilt unit and camera lamps from Kongsberg Maritime at Subsea 09Kongsberg Maritime Ltd will launch a new pan & tilt unit and several underwater camera lamps at Subsea 09. As the leading underwater camera specialist the company is dedicated to providing high quality accessories to ensure users can get the best results from its own market leading cameras, in addition to other manufacturer's cameras.

New multi-purpose pan & tilt unit

The new OE10-102 is an electric multi-purpose pan & tilt unit offering exceptional torque, positioning performance and durability for the toughest subsea tasks. Its compact robust design, high shock & vibration tolerance and other environmental and electrical protection features ensure continuous performance in the harshest environments.

The OE10-102 has digital or analogue control and is suitable for use with a wide variety of underwater cameras, lamps and other instrumentation on the full spectrum of vehicles, from observation class ROVs to the largest plough or trencher. Features include:

• Variable speed with harmonic gearing
• Extremely durable and compact design (H180mm x W140mm x D120mm)
• High shock and vibration tolerance
• Analogue or digital control (via RS485 half duplex or RS232) for simple ROV interfacing and operation
• GUI for P&T speed and travel limits, go to functions
• High torque levels
• Minimum backlash, accurate positioning & repeatability
• 12 to 24Vdc or 110Vac
• Acetal or stainless steel housings - 4500m depth rating

New General Purpose & HID Lamps

Kongsberg Maritime is well known for its quality underwater camera lamps and now adds several new models to its already comprehensive portfolio of efficient underwater lamps, floodlights and flashguns that utilise a range of Halogen, HID and LED technologies. The latest additions to this extensive product range are:

The New OE11-145 General Purpose (GP) ROV lamp provides up to 500W illumination. It is an extremely robust and compact design for general ROV and diver held use for video purposes. The light source is a single bright ‘Mini-can' tungsten Halogen bulb, though the lamp accepts a wide range of bulbs. The OE11-145 is designed to be able to act as a direct swap out for existing legacy GP lamps.

The OE11-145 is a compact and powerful underwater LED inspection lamp, which utilises the latest high brightness LEDs, outputting 800 Lux (@ 1m) from 50W power with a wide 68° beam (in water). The low maintenance LEDs also have >50,000 hours of life (if adequately cooled). The New OE11-150F Dye Detection LED lamp is a compact blue LED version for dye/leakage detection.

Introduced recently, the OE11-141 & OE11-143 HID lamps are highly efficient, offering up to five times the light output (up to 5,600 Lux @ 1m light output) compared to conventional filament lamps, whilst still only using the same amount of power.

With over 30 years experience Kongsberg Maritime is the leader in providing innovative underwater cameras, lamps and accessories that are built to continuously support the most demanding Offshore-Oil field, Marine Research and Military applications.

With extensive technical and manufacturing expertise Kongsberg Maritime designs and engineers its cameras and lamps to provide the best possible underwater viewing performance. The highest build quality and built in electronic and environmental protection features coupled with industry leading through-life support commitment around the globe ensure the operational dependability customers expect.

For further information on Kongsberg Maritime's cameras, lamps and accessories visit the leading underwater camera specialist on booth A9 at Subsea 09. The new OE10-102 pan & tilt and camera lamps will also be on show at Underwater Intervention 2009 in New Orleans, 3rd - 5th March, booth 401 and Ocean Business 2009 in Southampton, 31st March - 2nd April, booth N1.
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