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Andy Goldstein assumes new position as Software Director at VideoRay LLC

Posted on 21.01.2009 - 13:00 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Andy Goldstein assumes new position as Software Director at VideoRay LLCVideoRay LLC announced today that Andy Goldstein, formerly Vice President and Chief Engineer of Desert Star Systems of Marina, California, will fill this newly created role to strengthen VideoRay's capabilities.

President and Founder Scott Bentley describes the job and its responsibilities: "Software development has become increasingly critical to the evolution of underwater systems, based on our Remotely Operated Vehicles, that can solve increasingly challenging and complicated underwater tasks. VideoRays, particularly our soon-to-be-release Pro 4 model, have the sensor, thrust and tether capability to work in deeper, faster, and murkier water than ever. As VideoRay continues to pioneer applications that previously were not possible with any observation class vehicle, the demands on the operator or operators becomes so great that it becomes the limiting factor for success. Andy will be working with vendors of positioning systems, sonars, cameras, and other sensors to integrate their software into a seamless console for one or two operators, with as much autonomous processing as possible to assure mission success."

In addition to working with commercial hardware and software companies, Andy will also work closely with the 15 Universities that already use VideoRays for robotics research. With VideoRay's dominant commercial success and open sharing of all interfaces and control techniques, it is the platform of choice or many universities. One of Andy's jobs will be to extend this success. The release of a more complete and professional Software Development Kit, extended to the new features of the Pro 4, is scheduled to be released to current and future University Program participants and Commercial vendors before the end of 2009.

About Andy Goldstein

Andy joins VideoRay with 20 years experience creating software, 13 in the underwater industry. He has been the lead software developer on over 18 commercial products, 2 of which have garnered R&D 100 awards. Andy holds degrees in Computer Science and Materials Science Engineering. He is enthusiastically looking forward to helping the over twelve hundred current and thousands of future VideoRay operators peer into the darkness, fathom the unknown, and exceed their limitations.
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