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A fish tank for future submarines

Posted on 10.12.2008 - 07:17 EST in AUV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

A new underwater test facility was launched today at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) in Melbourne by the Hon. Warren Snowdon MP, Minister for Defence Science and Personnel.

The new facility will assist research into Australia's next generation of submarines.

"The Government has invested one million dollars in this new facility to ensure our scientists are able to bring their expertise to the development of the new class of Australian submarines," said Mr Snowdon.

"Submarines offer a unique and powerful strategic impact to the maritime domain, particularly for a nation so heavily reliant upon seagoing trade and security.

"A key Defence commitment for this Government is carefully planning for our next generation of submarine, and that means getting the science right.

"The new water tank will primarily be used for experiments to control underwater noise."

"Noise radiation problems can be tested and evaluated in the tank before remediation measures are implemented with actual submarines. This work would not be possible without this test facility," said Mr Snowdon.

The new facility also allows unmanned underwater vehicles to be tested in the laboratory. A winged autonomous glider was released into the water tank to demonstrate the collection of data in the maritime environment.

"Autonomous systems are becoming a cost-effective option for handling difficult operational situations and this DSTO facility makes it possible to conduct a range of underwater experiments involving such robots before they enter service."

"This is yet another example that this Government is committed to ensuring that Australia's future Defence capabilities are carefully considered and well-planned," Mr Snowdon said.
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