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Survey: SeeTrack Offshore DP system now available in Americas - SeeByte becomes newest m

Posted on 09.12.2008 - 12:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeeTrack Offshore DP system now available in Americas - SeeByte becomes newest manufacturer in ETS rental poolAgreements were signed this week between SeeByte, an innovative software solutions manufacturer, and Equipment & Technical Services (ETS), a Houston-based marine equipment and support services company, making SeeByte's SeeTrack ROV Dynamic Positioning (DP) System available to ETS customers in the Americas on a rental basis.

Following integration with the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) control system, either by retrofit or during ROV manufacture, SeeTrack automates the control process to provide full ROV DP. It can be rented separately or together with ancillary sensors which are also offered by ETS.

SeeTrack Offshore provides significant improvements over conventional DP systems, including: greater efficiency in manoeuvring, while ignoring the effects of currents; reduced risk of hitting structures on the seabed; and the ability to shoot quality video images from a greater distance.

"ETS is always interested in introducing new and improved technology to our customers," said Andy Bogle, President of ETS. "SeeTrack can be easily installed onto existing ROV systems and will enable faster, safer and smoother operations, which translates into greater savings for operators."

SeeTrack Offshore services are currently available to customers in Central and North America only through ETS in direct partnership with SeeByte. ETS will provide qualified installation, training and support services to all SeeTrack Offshore customers in this operating region.

"These partnership agreements are mutually beneficial, allowing existing ETS customers in the Americas access to SeeByte's products, while providing our company an opportunity to broaden our product reach and better engage with operators," said Ioseba Tena, Sales & Marketing Manager for SeeByte.
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