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Survey: De Beers Marine Namibia extends C-Nav positioning contract for offshore diamond

Posted on 28.10.2008 - 12:00 EDT in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

De Beers Marine Namibia extends C-Nav positioning contract for offshore diamond miningC & C Technologies (C & C) South Africa (PTY) Ltd. has been awarded an extension of the existing C-Nav contract for all mining vessels by De Beers Marine Namibia (PTY) Ltd.

C & C South Africa has provided C-Nav positioning to both De Beers Marine Namibia and De Beers South Africa operations since 2004 and has welcomed the extension of services to its offshore mining operations.

"A number of positioning trials were conducted over a seven month period involving both land-based and seagoing trials and C-Nav came through strong in all aspects of the trials," said Aubrey Price, general manager of C & C South Africa. "De Beers put us and other vendors through a rigorous series of accuracy and repeatability tests and C-Nav came out on top".

With the advent of 3D offshore diamond mining, C-Nav will be supplying De Beers Marine Namibia with precision tools to mine subsurface diamondiferous deposits to centimeter level with full equipment redundancy and signal backup.

C-Nav offers a wide range of software and quality control tools including C-NaviGator, C-Monitor and C-Setup for simple operation and installation. Customer support is provided through C-Nav offices in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Angola, South Africa, Singapore and the United Kingdom. The C-Nav support network continues to expand with new dealers and distributors operating worldwide.

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