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D.O.O.R. International bv & the ATLAS Services Group

Posted on 07.06.2004 - 02:30 EDT in JOB NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

The D.O.O.R group of companies have joined forces with the ATLAS Services Group, a leading supplier of personnel and services to the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries. With effect from April 01st 2004, our new company name is D.O.O.R. International BV.

With 4 offices in the Netherlands, Amsterdam (Maritime sector), Den Helder and Emmen (Oil & Gas sector), and Rotterdam (Training and recruitment) the ATLAS group has a solid position as a leading Maritime and Offshore service company.

The core business activities of the Maritime branch of the ATLAS Services Group are:

- Maritime contracting
- Coastal and seagoing merchant shipping
- The offshore industry
- Shipyards

Core activities of the Oil and Gas branch of the group are:

- Production and maintenance
- Drilling, workover and completions
- Well service engineering and supervision

Our global position and our strength as true specialists in the supply of Survey and Subsea personnel ensure that the synergies with the ATLAS group remain strong. The combined business experience of the D.O.O.R and ATLAS groups spans 38 years of highly successful personnel employment and secondment.

The level and quality of service provided to both clients and specialists in our core fields of operation are enhanced by this new cooperation. Our clients can expect a considerable increase in operational service and administrative support for example in matters of insurance, legal & fiscal regulations. Our specialists will continue to receive the personal attention and high quality of service that have helped us to differentiate ourselves from the competition for more than a decade.

We are very proud to be associated with the ATLAS Services Group and are excited by the new opportunities that have arisen by this cooperation. We look forward to a long and healthy future strengthened by our commitment to provide a highly professional service, outperforming ourselves at every level.

For further information on the ATLAS Services Group, please visit the website:

Dutch Onschore Offshore Recruitment
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