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Teledyne TSS slashes gyro compass delivery times

Posted on 01.10.2008 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Teledyne TSS slashes gyro compass delivery timesNew manufacturing techniques and streamlined product design are enabling Teledyne TSS to deliver new gyro compasses in less than six weeks. High demand combined with the complexity and precision manufacture of TSS and S G Brown gyrocompasses had traditionally required delivery lead times of several months.

The company has always recognised that this was a deterrent for many customers who might have preferred to buy a TSS and S G Brown Meridian gyro but were unable to wait so long for delivery. Teledyne TSS therefore undertook a major reappraisal of its manufacturing processes to speed them up.

The transformation has been achieved through a combination of factors arising from the application of modern manufacturing techniques. These include the use of improved materials management and just-in-time delivery to ensure that components are available when required but without the accumulation of expensive stock. Changes have also been made to designs of the gyros themselves which have had their electronics upgraded to make manufacture quicker and easier. A new facility also ensures that the testing of gyro compasses is able to match the higher output from the factory floor. Because of these new techniques, productivity has nearly doubled from 30 gyros per month to 53. The company is now confident that potential customers will benefit from knowing that Meridian gyros will be available when they need them.

Commenting on the increased output, Teledyne TSS General Manager, Brian Huntsman, said; "There has always been a huge demand for our gyros and this has caused us to suffer from our own success. Yet our production team has now demonstrated its professionalism by increasing output so dramatically. It is interesting to note that we are manufacturing products with complex and extremely precise state-of-the-art technology, yet we can now deliver them more quickly than previously."

Gyrocompasses from Teledyne TSS include the naval and commercial marine range sold under the S G Brown brand name. The Meridian range is available in surface and subsea models and also in the high performance Surveyor range. The company also manufactures the Orion inertial navigation system which combines ring laser gyro technology with advanced motion sensing.
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