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Sub-Atlantic releases subCan control system

Posted on 12.09.2008 - 10:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Sub-Atlantic releases subCan control systemsubCan is a 'state of the art', high speed communications and data network system providing command, control and real time diagnostic functions for Sub-Atlantic ROVs.

The modular design and functionality of the system not only provides the latest communications capability and 'touch screen' Graphical User Interface (GUI), but also allows for ongoing customer / manufacturer driven system evolution and further sensor integration.

Simple and Intuitive Control GUI

The topside graphical user interface and the hardware controller are designed in such a way as to enable the operator to control the ROV in the simplest and most effective manner. ROV control feedback such as heading, pitch and roll etc are displayed on a touch screen. The touch screen monitor also enables the operator to access setup and diagnostic information relating to the inner workings of the control system.

The GUI pages are arranged in a hierarchical order with the top page providing the 'day to day' control of the ROV.

The top page displays various alarm information for rapid fault diagnosis of the control system sub-assemblies and components. Diagnostic information from each control sub-system, ROV, TMS (if used) and Surface can also be accessed from this page.

The status of the surface and sub-sea communication can be monitored from certain GUI pages.

At the most detailed level, information regarding the control system health is available on various GUI pages. For example the individual voltages, currents and temperatures can be monitored for each of the main control system PCBs.

Robust, Flexible and Compact Electronics

The printed circuit boards (PCB) are protected on all their I/O from over voltage, reverse voltage and over current. This is achieved by utilizing transient voltage suppressors, fuses, self healing fuses and internally protected high side drivers.

The Sub-CAN control system is based around the multi-drop network CAN (Controller Area Network). This has enabled the control system to be designed in a modular fashion. Modules can be added or taken away depending upon the control system requirements; providing commonality of parts and spares.

The very legitimate constraint on the size of control system components subsea have meant that high density electronic design together with good thermal management practices have been used throughout the design of the sub-sea control system components.

Robust Communication Link

Communication between the topsides software and the main sub-sea control system PCB employs a 16 bit CRC (cyclic redundancy check) to ensure maximum robustness of communicated instructions and feedback.

Increased Diagnostic Feedback

The Sub-CAN control system provides diagnostic feedback of voltage, current and temperature on each individual control system PCB to enable rapid fault finding. The control system also employs ground fault detection on both high and low voltages.

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