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MBARI receives new ROV

Posted on 26.08.2008 - 12:00 UTC in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

MBARI receives new ROVOn July 23, 2008, MBARI's newest remotely operated vehicle (ROV) arrived in Moss Landing, after being shipped from the manufacturer (SMD-Hydrovision) in Newcastle, England.

This vehicle will replace ROV Tiburon, which since 1997 has helped researchers study the deep sea from British Columbia to Baja California to Hawaii. The new ROV is more powerful than Tiburon and will able to carry heavier science equipment, including gear and experiments for deep-water ocean observatories. Over the next two months, MBARI's engineers and ROV pilots will be testing and outfitting the vehicle, and installing it on the research vessel Western Flyer.

The new ROV does not yet have a name. A list of possible names is being compiled based on suggestions from MBARI's staff and visitors to MBARI's open house.

The following photos show the new ROV's arrival and unveiling at MBARI's facilities in Moss Landing, California. For an interesting comparison, see these pictures of MBARI's first ROV, Ventana, being delivered to our Pacific Grove offices in 1989.

Finally the last wall of the crate was removed and the new ROV stood visible for all to see.
Finally the last wall of the crate was removed and the new ROV stood visible for all to see.
Image: Bernard Roth © 2008 MBARI

Sponge Bob Square ROV

Sponge Bob Square ROV
That will keep the deep sea serpents from attacking the ROV
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