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CodaOctopus sells Coda Underwater Inspection System to Contra Costa County

Posted on 25.08.2008 - 15:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

CodaOctopus sells Coda Underwater Inspection System to Contra Costa CountyCodaOctopus is pleased to announce that the Coda Underwater Inspection System (UIS), developed in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, has been purchased by the Sheriff's Office of Contra Costa County, CA. Contra Costa County will be the first on the west coast to permanently deploy the UIS, developed after the 9/11 attacks to address the need for a new generation of port security technology to respond to underwater threats.

"The UIS will play the key role in enhancing our underwater security capability and assisting our efforts to secure shore side critical infrastructure in the California Bay and Delta regions. Having seen this unique technology in action when the All-Star Game was held in San Francisco, we are very excited to add this powerful 3D real time sonar technology to our counter terrorism efforts. This is the only system of its kind that can produce the sort of detailed information we need and in real time, which significantly improves our capability to protect the public", commented Lieutenant Will Duke of the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff.

Coda UIS in use during the All Star baseball game, San Francisco
Coda UIS in use during the All Star baseball game, San Francisco
Jason Reid, Coda Octopus Group President and CEO, said he viewed the Contra Costa order as a significant milestone for the Company. "We have always envisaged the ports and local law enforcement agencies of the United States as a very large and important market for these devices", Reid said. "The orders in recent months by Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and now Contra Costa confirm our belief in the uniqueness and importance of the technology and of the products we have to offer", he continued. "A large number of US law enforcement agencies and ports have shown significant interest in the UIS and we look forward to confirming additional orders in the near future."

About the Underwater Inspection System (UIS)

The UIS system, which was utilized by the San Francisco Police Department as part of the security efforts at last year's All-Star Baseball Game, utilizes Coda's patented real time 3D sonar technology, the Coda Echoscope, to identify and classify objects underwater, enabling much more rapid and effective searches of ports and waterways. The system has already been deployed by the US Coast Guard and in the Middle East and Asia and has also been previously purchased by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for use on their small patrol vessels.
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