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Mako DeepWater introduces Tiger Shark and STJ subsea tools

Posted on 15.08.2008 - 15:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Mako DeepWater introduces Tiger Shark and STJ subsea toolsMako DeepWater, a subsea Remote Intervention service provider, located in Houston, Texas, has added the Tiger Shark torque tool to its list of other top of the line products that they currently offer.

When Mako DeepWater designed the Tiger Shark, they did so specifically with the ROV operator in mind. Recognizing the fact that the high cost of field downtime rests squarely on the shoulders of the operator and the added fact that approximately 50% of all current industry field personnel have less than 5 years experience, Mako DeepWater felt it was vital to develop a tool that focused on simplicity and reliability. Mako DeepWater knows that operators need a tool they can consistently depend on.

This Class 1-4 torque tool will produce a maximum of 2000ft lbs. It also offers a highly visible mechanical counter that rests inside of an independent oil filled housing, which displays in tenths and completely eliminates the inherent problems associated with batteries and digital counters. Another notable feature is that the counter was designed as a "drop-in cartridge", so if it were ever to fail in the field, ROV technicians' can quickly drop in a replacement, effectively reducing downtime. The robust design of the 17-4 SSTL hardened latches provides the customer confidence in knowing that the tool is securely locked in place until the pilot chooses to disengage them. However, in the case of an unforeseen power failure the latches are designed as spring-loaded and will retract allowing for a safe disconnect from the worksite. Additionally, there are two motors, which cover the entire torque range and can be quickly changed out simply by removing two bolts.

Mako DeepWater has also developed a "Simple, Rugged and Reliable" subsea test jig STJ that allows the ROV operator to make any needed adjustments or reconfirm torque output without having to return to the surface. This test receptacle can be used on the surface or it readily attaches to the Cage or TMS making it a versatile 2 in 1 piece of equipment. The STJ's design is purely hydromechanical, so like the Tiger Shark, there aren't any batteries to fail, housings to flood or wires to break. Mako DeepWater's torque tool and test jig are expected to dramatically enhance the performance of the ROV field operators in their challenges that arise day-to-day working in the subsea industry. Mako DeepWater has put the Tiger Shark through extensive testing at Southwest Research and also through rigorous testing in the field before releasing their first tools to the public. They have since delivered two units and will have several more available on the shelf by the end of September 2008.

New Mako Deepwater torque tool

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