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ROV NEWS: Global Marine Ltd Offers Career Advancement to UK armed forces

Posted on 04.08.2008 - 12:47 EDT in ROV NEWS by jamesmc

Global Marine SystemsThe Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) training facility of leading subsea marine engineering firm, Global Marine Systems Limited, has received approval from the Ministry of Defense to provide current and former Armed Services personnel with training at their Portland facility. ROV pilots and technicians are in high demand in the civilian oil, gas, and subsea cable industries. This program is a part of the MoD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC), an initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. The ELC scheme provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years for courses that have been approved by the ELC Administration Service.

Global Marine’s Learning Provider Reference Number is 2973 and can be accessed through the ELCAS Website
These IMCA-aligned (International Maritime Contractors Association) courses and certificate of competency schemes will be run from Global Marine’s Portland Depot and the surrounding waters, combining theoretical work with practical experience.
The three-week course is designed for new entrants to the industry and teaches terminology crucial to related roles, while covering a range of topics, including permits to work systems, types of offshore structure and other new skills a pilot technician requires.
Trainees in this intensive course are evaluated through exams, assignments and practical assessments. Upon completion the new pilot technicians are also entered into the Global Marine Certificate of Competence Scheme which ensures that there is consistent training throughout their career.

“Global Marine Systems has had a long standing respect for those in our armed forces and we are extremely pleased to be able to assist forces individuals as they pursue careers as ROV pilots in the subsea cable, and oil and gas industries,” said John Davies, subsea construction manager and director of the ROV training program for Global Marine Systems.
Any Armed Forces personnel interested in learning more about this program should contact Ms Carly Lindop, at 01305 828104, or visit Global Marine’s website at

About Global Marine Systems, Ltd.
Global Marine, an independent marine engineering company, has been in business for well over 150 years and continues to be the pre-eminent provider of submarine cable installation and maintenance services in the world. Operating the world's largest fleet of cable ships and subsea vehicles, it is a market leader in marine cable installation and maintenance for telecommunications, as well as scientific research, oil, gas, utilities and the renewable energy sector. Global Marine is headquartered in the United Kingdom with regional offices in the United States and Asia.

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