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Survey: Makai Ocean Engineering releases MakaiPlan 4.0

Posted on 13.06.2008 - 12:00 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Makai Ocean Engineering releases MakaiPlan 4.0Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. has released version 4.0 of its submarine cable route planning software package MakaiPlan.

MakaiPlan 4.0 is now available and is compatible with Windows Vista, XP and previous versions of MakaiPlan. It works with Geomedia 6.1 and has many new features such as the ability to export paths to Google Earth, "tear off" windows for the Map Legend and Project Explorer, and the ability to zoom in/out using the mouse scroll.
MakaiPlan 4.0 works with Geomedia 6.1:

• Transparency functions for GIS layers
• Dockable legend
• Collapsible menus
• Display of GIS features highly customizable
• Better management of GIS database.

New FME module

New FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) add-on for MakaiPlan and Pro provides the capability to import over 150 different formats of GIS data, including S57, digital nautical charts (DNC), Autodesk formats, ESRI formats, MapInfo (MIF/MID) files, and many more.

The FME module provides the ability to import more GIS database formats directly into MakaiPlan through the seamless integration of Safe Software's FME (Feature Manipulation Engine). Users familiar with importing GIS data using MakaiPlan will use the same procedure as before to import GIS data in over 150 formats without the need to convert data formats using a third party software package outside of MakaiPlan.

There are three primary data types that the FME module provides to users of Makai software: vector data, raster and geotiff images. Makai has also added the capability to load DBDB-V data (a bathymetric data format used by the Naval Oceanographic Office) using the Makai DTM module.

The table to the right contains a list of formats (read and write) supported by FME Desktop (Intergraph Edition). Additional information on the attributes of specific data types can be found at Safe Software's website ( The "read" column defines the formats that can be imported into MakaiPlan through the incorporation of FME into MakaiPlan. The legend outlines how different formats are supported by FME. Note that some formats may require an extra cost plug-in.

Screenshot of MakaiPlan running on Windows Vista. Note that the bathymetry image was created using the Makai DTM add-on.
Screenshot of MakaiPlan running on Windows Vista.
Note that the bathymetry image was created using the Makai DTM add-on.

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